Thought of here, yip hon suddenly felt that the servants and people were just a group of poor people. "Whatever they do, whatever the North says, we’ll be finished."

There is no shortage of wise people in this world. Ye Han thinks he is not stupid, but he can never compare with those abnormal officials in Beidu.
Li Shili laughed. "If the alien nobles can honestly stay in Jupiter, I personally prefer to be with the nobles."
"Ah?" Yip hon stare big eyes "how legal?"
"Simple Jupiter belongs to them, Jupiter belongs to us, and both sides do not invade each other," said Li Shili.
Yip hon can’t help crying and laughing. "How is that possible?" The alien’s goal is the earth, so it is impossible to keep them out of Jupiter.
"I know it’s impossible. I just can’t help but think so," Li Shili said. "Think about it. There are so few servants and people, and there is no production line. If all the servants and people die, Io will become a human being." When the time comes, do you want immigrants to expand or not? "
Yip hon suddenly turned out that Li Shili was waiting here! His horse shook his head and said, "It’s not that simple. It’s all livable stars, but the biological environment is different. Bacteria and viruses alone are enough for us."
Aliens have superb biochemical technology, which can defeat the microbes on the earth in a very short time through various means, which can be proved by the fact that the reformed prisoners are not afraid of alien microbes.
But human beings don’t have alien biochemical technology. If they want to immigrate to Io, they must defeat alien microorganisms. This will be a long and difficult process, just like overcoming various diseases in the long history of human evolution … Maybe one day, immigrants to Io must rely on their own epidemic power to defeat alien microorganisms. Only with this can Io live freely.
Li Shili sighed, "Yes, aliens are already in an invincible position. They are not afraid that we will rob Io at all. If we really let them get the production line, the most direct result will be a population explosion, and then a technology explosion. If we don’t think about Io, aliens will also think about the earth."
"Ha ha, is that what it means to have eternal interests?" Ye hanwen
Li Shili nodded. "It is absolutely impossible for the resistance to get the production line. I would rather tear it up than let the resistance succeed. It would be better if we could control the production line of servants and civilians in our hands. Then let’s directly produce servants and civilians against aliens and play to death."
"Don’t fantasize about the impossible!" Yip hon poured a pot of cold water with a wry smile.
Li Shili also smiled, "What are you afraid of if you can’t get pregnant?"
"I’m afraid you’ll talk nonsense when you report to Beidu!"
"Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. It’s not like I’m crooked. How dare I talk to Beidu?" Speaking of this, Li Shili suddenly sighed, "I know it can’t be realized, but I really hope to see that day."
Yip hon’s face turned black. "Don’t say it’s you. Can I see that day … No, it’s hard to say whether my son can see that day!"
"Hey hey, are you going to leave this war to a generation?"
"I don’t think the question is, can I control this?" Ye Han spread his hand
"Tell you the bottom, the strategy of Beidu has never changed!" Li Shili suddenly changed a serious face.
Yip hon suddenly realized what Li Shili meant, and he couldn’t help but say, "When was it once?" The strategy of Beidu has always been to keep out the enemy, which means that a new expeditionary force will be organized in the near future!
Li Shili’s vision is profound. "Solve Io first."
Chapter 96 Depth
The results of the first negotiation were reported to Beidu immediately, which attracted the attention of the senior officials of Beidu. At the same time, representatives from all the participating countries of Al Qaeda also got the results of the negotiation and got the details of the negotiation at the first time.
The negotiation, like a storm, triggered high-level discussions in various countries, and every detail was repeatedly analyzed by groups of analysts, even if it was a humble or subtle expression.
The disclosure of information by aliens is the focus of research in various countries. Everyone hopes to get more information from words, but the opposition has never disappeared. Many people think that alien negotiations are a complete conspiracy. Aliens disclose information by carefully preparing false news. Their only purpose is to lure human fleets away from the earth and create conditions for annihilation of human fleets.
Zeng Rui’s identity has also become the key point of doubt. They believe that aliens have the ability to transform human beings, but after the transformation, there are not many places where human beings are similar. Who can prove that he is really the doctor named Zeng Rui?
Although Zeng Rui can tell many things that aliens can’t know, he also said that aliens have the ability to read memories. It is doubtful whether that person is Zeng Rui.
Not only the Al Qaeda people doubt this, but even the North also doubts their eyes.
To be honest, there are doubts not only in the North, but also in Yip Han and Li Shili. In case Zeng Rui is really an alien pretending to be Siebel goods, then this negotiation must be set by aliens.
In this follow-up negotiation of Li Shili, there were many temptations in secret, but Zeng Rui was able to make a clear statement whether in his life or in his past experience. Every temptation proved that he was Zeng Rui.
North China is still conservative about Zeng Rui’s identity, but this does not affect the negotiations.
The two sides have reached an agreement, but this is the general direction, specific issues and details, and a lot of time is needed to discuss with manpower.
The delegation in front was instructed by Beidu to immediately lay out the details of the negotiations, and the aliens had a close discussion. After in-depth discussion on the issues that had been reached, they reached an agreement as soon as possible
The front is busy, and the earth has never stopped.
Negotiating with aliens is not a trivial matter. As soon as Io released the invitation, it immediately detonated the ball. No matter whether it has aerospace ability or not, no matter whether it can participate in the negotiation, all countries discuss the invitation of aliens.
The purpose of aliens and whether to send a delegation have become the focus of debate among countries. Inviting humans by aliens Chinese characters has made countries even more unhappy. During that period, there were endless complaints from officials and people in various countries. There were always rumors that the North colluded with aliens, the North surrendered to aliens, and the North betrayed humanity.
The country that wants to send a delegation is far from the northern capital, but what does the alien Chinese character invitation mean?
Human beings try their best to understand aliens, and aliens must try their best to understand that human beings can master even the most difficult Chinese characters. Is it difficult to master English or other languages?
But the aliens just sent an invitation in Chinese characters. Who did you ask? Even countries are worried about whether their delegations will be treated badly by aliens, regardless of their faces.
Moreover, the base regimental headquarters has never been monolithic, and the infighting has never stopped. More than a dozen countries have sat together and debated whether to go to Io aliens. The Yushan and Beihai have already set off
Al-Qaeda discussed that the horse had turned into a crusade. Countries condemned Beidu and issued an invitation to aliens as soon as possible. Beidu was unable to negotiate on behalf of human aliens and asked Beidu to withdraw its delegation.
North China is tit-for-tat and outspoken. Who invited the aliens in Chinese? Are you still so clear?
During that period, there were various press conferences, but all of them went their own way, and there was no intention of withdrawing the delegation.
Nowadays, Beidu is not what it used to be. More than half of the people in Beidu have the military strength. Beidu has the ability, strength and courage to show no respect to others.
Beidu’s attitude caused great dissatisfaction in other countries, but the dissatisfaction was more than that. Therefore, high-level Beidu exhibitions in various countries frequently contacted, held frequent conferences and gradually became sparse, and soon they disappeared.
At that time, officials from various countries stationed in Beiyuezhou changed their crops neatly, and it was quite secret. But later, the personnel transfer was too dense and stupid to know what was going on. Simply put, it is necessary to admit that Beidu has the leading role in negotiations and all countries can participate.
Pay attention to the fact that he is involved and has knowledge, no advice or he is at sixes and sevens
On the whole, countries managed to change their positions before the delegations arrived in Io … If they didn’t change their positions, others sent their representatives to North Moon Island. Do you want to stick to it or be an afterthought?
As a result, during the negotiations, representatives from more than a dozen countries of Al Qaeda gathered in Beiyuezhou, and even Washington sent representatives out, and dozens of other countries participated.
Just because they don’t have navigation ability doesn’t mean they like to be represented, even if they get the latest news at the first time.
Beidu is very generous in this respect. Apart from controlling the general direction, other parties will take it out and make it public. Representatives from all countries will gather together to discuss and come up with the final result, and then Beidu will choose it as appropriate … The results discussed by all countries may not be in line with China’s interests, but it will be different after considering it as appropriate.
Beidu doesn’t want to eat alone. First of all, the high-level officials know very well that no matter how strong the Beidu family is, it is also a part of the human world. Only by relying on the Beidu strength method can we make concessions before ensuring our own interests … Concession is superficial, but in fact, it is to participate in the negotiations in depth, so that everyone can share the benefits and shoulder the burdens together.
This will definitely thin the interests of Beidu, but it will also reduce the pressure on Beidu.
It is probably because the northern capital has been pressed too hard in front of it that all countries have breathed a sigh of relief at the same time and spoke highly of the northern capital against their will. Anyway, can you do a good job without spending money?
As a result, human resistance organizations have moved from simple negotiation to practical action

In the past three days, I have practiced Baishi. I have to be at home. If I have anything to do, I have to call out the wire to grab something casually.

After this skill was launched, Baishi felt like he had three more organs.
At first, they were very unfamiliar with their sense of body-just like they were not used to holding pea brains in their hands and knowing what to do, but their hands just didn’t listen to them.
Now, after Baishi’s practice, this thing has a little automatic calibration function. There is not much problem with his throwing accuracy, but his strength is not well controlled.
In addition, due to the influence of "science", the steel wire will follow some physical rules-for example, you can’t fly halfway by turning around or hovering in the middle like a snake dance, and you have certain requirements on speed.
After seeing the butterfly, Ren was curious and looked at the white stone on his cuff. She was also interested in this new skill, so she hung her hand.
When he lifted it again, he held a steel wire claw in his hand and the remaining steel wire hung into the sleeve.
Baishi grabbed the claw and made it click for two times.
The steel claw is composed of three curved hooks. As the white stone moves, their brush tightens, from a blunt hook to a sharp claw, and then clicks and returns to its original state.
"It’s convenient to unpack and finally stop looking for scissors everywhere."
"Well …" Butterfly nodded her head with an expression full of curiosity. "But what must stick out from the sleeve? Isn’t it easy to get caught in rags? "
"You can also borrow clothes from the hem of clothes, pants and socks … and you can’t be seen by others."
Baishi lowered his head and a wire lasso was thrown out of the neckline behind him and quickly fell back and disappeared into the collar.
"So that’s it," said the butterfly, holding her cheeks. "Can you do it without any clothes?"
"…" The steel claw almost cut Baishi’s hand for two seconds. "I remember there is a store rule that seems to prohibit molesting the boss without permission?"
"What are you thinking? This is a rigorous scientific question. "Butterfly forbear to cover her face and lips in surprise."
"Swimming, bathing and hot springs are all easy to be raided. If the enemy’s bottom line is low enough, they will choose this time to attack."
This explanation is reasonable.
However, on this issue, Baishi had already tried to borrow a video recorder in the shower. Of course, he seriously destroyed all the video materials afterwards-
"Don’t be seen
"that is to say, when I am facing you, the steel wire can lean out from behind, and when my back is facing you, the steel wire can lean out from the front.
"After all, this situation that clothes can’t cover it is still one of the few places where I am used to throwing steel wires from my cuffs, which is the most convenient and I don’t deliberately observe where someone is."
"…" Butterfly stuck in a shell. She didn’t expect Baishi to actually try …
See this purple cut black clerk finally no other questions, Baishi put away the steel wire and took out the curriculum and took a look.
"It’s finally refreshed. It’s the date of the club activity on September 29th … I have to prepare my luggage today."
According to the schedule given by Suzuki Aya, the club activities will last for three days.
Although it is possible to be sent home by enthusiastic police on the first day, it is necessary to be prepared.
Baishi is going to buy a suitable suitcase.
In these three days, he didn’t meet the need to enter the virtual world again
Every day, it’s quite pleasant to pick up a plastic bag that is wet in the non-motor vehicle lane, or wake up a lifeguard in the swimming pool to save a drowning person, or sneak to the roof of the building to fix a billboard that is about to be blown away by the wind.
Although this kind of reward money is small, it is frequent-a rough calculation of Baishi’s income can now overlook the primary social animals in many island countries.
Baishi came to the shopping center and bought a sturdy suitcase with a lock.
At the time of checkout, the counter is holding a prize-winning activity every 2 cents.
Baishi reached into the prize box and pulled out four lottery tickets.
Two of them were fancy advertisements, and the other two won a bottle of coke. It was very consistent with his luck in the lottery.
The clerk looked at the lottery ticket and moved to a small rack with many double layers for Baishi to choose one.
Baishi thought it was not good when he saw the tender color matching of this pile of powder.
If you look at it again, it’s either "Leaves" or "Housewives’ Dilemma" and "He and She in a Quiet Campus" … This target group doesn’t include his novels at first glance.
Baishi looked at it in two rows for a long time and finally found one he could barely accept "Blue Kingdom"

However, this persistence in the face of the sub-armed whaling ship will put themselves in danger. The whaling ship exploded again, and the harpoon flew over and exploded in the back of a killer whale.

Suddenly, the killer whale was raw and half of its body was bloody and rolled and whined in the water.
"Whale fat don’t close! I’ll handle it! " Zhuang got a fright not far away. Human weapons may not be very useful in dealing with creatures in exile era, but it is simply too lethal to deal with these creatures on earth!
It is a shame to explode the harpoon, a weapon that will bring huge wounds and injuries to whales and make them bleed to death.
Let alone a big-winged whale before a whaling ship explodes a harpoon. Even a giant blue whale in the sea is just a few harpoons.
But if the whale is fat, it is not fat. It swims hard from the sea and beats the sling. After finding the effect, it chases the whaling ship and beats the hull.
Such a violent movement threw Zhuang away from his back.
Not far from Zhuang, holding a broken barnacle, slowly sinking from the sea and looking up at Fang.
A large-winged whale and more than a dozen killer whales are fighting against whaling ships in vain.
The behemoths in the sea are too small in front of human ships, and the flapping of whales and the desperate impact of killer whales are not even qualified to shake the whaling ship.
Zhuang not far is not a narrow environmentalist, but he must interfere in everything in front of him!
Zhuang is not far from the sea. A turning body swings to the surface of the water and wears it on the surface of the water like a sharp arrow. He roars at the sky. "Bastard, get out of the old sea! Who gave you the courage to hunt whales in the old site! "
Zhuang not far away is not a narrow environmentalist, but according to his agreement with Cross State and Green Island, he also enjoys the jurisdiction of the nearby exclusive economic zone of 2 nautical miles. Except for Cross State fishing boats and Green Island aborigines, no one can hunt whales here without his permission!
Don’t talk about whaling. You can’t catch shrimp here without his permission!
Zhuang landed not far from a killer whale, pointing his head at the whaling ship ahead. "Listen, the whaling ship ahead, let the killer whale get out of my waters at once, or don’t blame me!"
The boatman is pointing at Zhuang not far away, and some people are laughing.
Just then, there was a loud bang and an explosion, and the harpoon exploded on the whale’s side, and the whale screamed and the blood gushed out.
"Mom!" Zhuang is not far away, and there is still a little reason to plan to drive this ship away.
But the whale fat injury has made him angry.
"ultimatum, get out of here!" Zhuang is not far from roaring.
The whaling ship didn’t roll, but the crew laughed even more.
Chapter 9 I grew up five meters, and my gun was thirsty.
Whaling ships are certainly entitled to laugh at Zhuang not far away.
Human feelings for whales are probably similar to those for giant pandas.
The whale is so clever, so cute, so cute, how can you kill it!
What an animal!
In this emotional guidance, I don’t know how many anti-whaling people have fought with the whaling ship in Fusang State at close range.
It’s no exaggeration to say that the Fusang whaling ship is the most abundant ship in the Fusang naval battle.
This seemingly unremarkable whaling ship does not carry missiles at all. It is equipped with military-grade radar equipment and thick armor, which can throw away all whaling ships or just do it.
I don’t know how many whale lovers were abused by this ship to tears and swear.
This whaling ship has been chased by a big ship and harassed by a small boat, but it is the first time for whale lovers to ride on the back of whales.
This is probably the simplest whale lover they have ever met.
"Aha, hahaha, he actually gave us an ultimatum?"
"Also said let’s roll?"
"Just one person?"
"You have the ability to let us roll?"
They know very well that there is not even a boat nearby except Zhuang.
It’s not nice to say that Zhuang is not far away, and no one knows that they killed him.
The law of the jungle in the sea, a crew member is evil to the bravery edge, and the fish gun in his hand is aimed at the killer whale not far from Zhuang.
This will not only hurt the killer whale, but also seriously hurt Zhuang!
At that moment, a grand sound came up.
"The manor is me and I am the manor!"
The smoke cleared and a huge figure stood on the killer whale.
With such a huge size, the killer whale can’t hold on to Zhuang, and its weight is slowly sinking.
Whale fat swam over and dived into the water, struggling to stick his head out of the water.
Zhuang is not far away, facing a group of stunned crew members on the top of the slowly rising winged whale, and the corners of his mouth are bent to reveal a grimace of a grin.
"I also have an exploding fishgun … it’s fair to change one for another." Not far from Zhuang, he reached into his backpack and slowly pulled it out … pulled it … pulled it …

"You haven’t lost yet!"

"You have one last trick-divination!"
"Now you are not the former you!"
"Now your heart has reached 44!"
Goethe’s eyes were filled with hope. He glanced at the podium and was reading the test paper. Teacher Judy didn’t notice that he immediately picked up the eraser, wrote four ABCD options on four of the six faces, and then gently threw it away.
wheat flour
Throw it again
Or white flour
Goethe finally came to his senses when he was ready to throw it for the third time.
This horse riding is a proof!
Not a multiple-choice question!
"Damn it!"
"Have I been affected by this invisible and inaudible horror?"
"Goethe, don’t give up, there is still a chance!"
Goethe cheered himself up and wrote again.
Five minutes later …
Oh, give it up
In life, if you are willing to give up, there is no hurdle.
Like who hasn’t taken the make-up exam yet?
Fail to repeat the exam?
That’s normal, too
It’s also a very good attempt
Goethe lay on the math test paper and comforted himself with tears-he has forgotten at the moment, and he has been able to endure it.
Even if you ask him to copy a math problem at this level, he will have to copy it wrong.
Just when Goethe was about to cry—
"I took the wrong test paper!"
Teacher Judy blushed and ran over to look at Goethe with a little trepidation.
"Sorry, Goethe!"
"This test paper is a competition question, not your tutorial paper!"
"this is my mistake!"
Teacher Judy said with a bow
Suddenly the waves are rough.
Goethe recovered a little spirit and asked tentatively.
"That make-up exam …"
It’s my fault that we make up the exam again today. I’ll ask the school and I have to send this exam to the competition class now-they must be wondering what’s so simple about this exam now.
After that, Teacher Judy picked up the examination paper and left in a hurry.
Goethe sat up straight and looked at the classroom door.
At this moment, he admitted that people are indeed different.

Then he threw all kinds of things into a metal can to observe the reaction of these things and reported to Zhuang not far away, "Zhuang Zhu, a microorganism, can change the structure and properties of objects, and the surface looks like it is petrified …"

"Change the nature?"
"Master Zhuang, do you know about silicified wood?"
"Silicified wood?" I really don’t know if Zhuang is not far away.
"For trees buried in the ground for tens of thousands of years, silicon has continuously infiltrated into the wood department and carbon in the wood has been replaced for a long time, and it has become a silicified wood that keeps the appearance of trees like stones."
"But … this change process is not the same as silicified wood. After the transformation, it is not silicon nor in the periodic table, but something that I can understand. How is it possible that all elements should be able to be inferred from the periodic table …"
Biologists, first of all, chemists, the foundation of modern chemistry will be subverted. Gong Liubo feels that his world outlook has been hit by emotion, and the blood vessels in his forehead are jumping as if he were about to blow his head in a second. He quickly covered his forehead for a long time before he almost blew his head off and collapsed the world outlook.
Next to this situation, Nong Lixin has experienced it many times, and his state is relatively good. He said, "There may not be dark matter."
"Dark matter?"
"At the end of the universe, we can see that matter can be observed through a gravitational lens. Physicists speculate that dark matter accounts for 26% of the total mass and energy of hubble volume, dark energy accounts for 63%, and ordinary matter accounts for 49%."
He paused. "That is to say, our world is 49% of this universe."
Zhuang sighed not far away, and maybe 95.1% of them are not observed. The world composed of matter and energy is the world of manor owners.
The other side of the universe has a higher energy level and a more mainstream world.
This universe is just like little Fulai. It turns into a huge shadow dragon …
On the back of the material world is that method to explain the shadow world.
"This microorganism is amazing, but we haven’t found that it divides or reproduces at all. Maybe it can reproduce in the human body, or maybe this microorganism comes from the human body, and a body cell is a differentiated cell produced by the human body … At present, we have come to the conclusion that we will try to cultivate it, but I don’t have much hope."
"No matter how many things we can explain, Master Zhuang, you need a physicist …" Nong Lixin said that they are biologists after all and can explain all this in the life category.
"Physicists who can hold on to all this without exploding their heads" finally stabilized to Gong Liubo’s emphasis.
"I think it’s better to wait and see …" Not far from Zhuang’s headache.
It is too early to explore the mystery of the universe.
But when the two state teams in NBA arrive, he can complete the achievement of "minister or death", get the "lock pick" and pry other manor stone doors to reach the other side of the world.
I’m a little excited to think about it
Of course, now we should first think about this new discovery, Ruli, and build our own master’s room.
"Landlord, this is a very expensive stone …" Next to the old boom, he looked at the leaf over and over. "We found that in many manor ruins, manor owners used this kind of stone to build houses. We call it the manor stone, which is tougher than many metals, but it is a pity that it is forged by the law …"
"So powerful?"
"Very impressive," the old man nodded. "If I remember correctly, the steam core of the mechanical giant dog is the wear-resistant gasket made of manor stone to ensure the operation of several eras …"
Not far away, Zhuang finally knows what kind of people are the most relied upon by manor owners and the best masons in the manor owners’ era.
Because they are a walking stone vein … Their stonemason skills may still be second …
"That is to say, if this kind of thing builds a house, even if Xiaofu fights with Daniel, it won’t break my house?" Zhuang asked not far away
"Well, if it weren’t for too much effort, I guess it would be okay?" Lao Bang can’t guarantee that, after all, the farmer’s family cultivates cattle, banyan and bat Gongying, which are different from other people’s families …
"That’s no problem …" Not far from Zhuang, there was a deadly trap when his eyes turned.
A master house in the backyard of the manor has sprung up.
Not far from the principle of livability, the owner’s room is not built too high. The top three floors look very low-key, like an ordinary villa everywhere.
It’s a little big.
When the wooden stick was brought to the backyard by the old boom, I saw that the building was a little lost.
Then he saw Zhuang not far from sitting on the roof and patting him, saying, "Come on, cudgel!"
"go? What are you doing? "
"Look at the shadow!" Zhuang is not far from pointing to the big tree hanging in front of him, and there is a projector beside him

-An Shi Tou walked to the front of the cabinet and moved out by Song Tian casually.

Then he took out several drawers in the wardrobe and found portable wood saw exercises from the toolbox.
Although I don’t know why Song Tian has to hide people, there is still a murderer on board, and all places will be searched carefully. If people are hidden outside, so many crew members and passengers can always find them.
The most secluded place is your own room.
In particular, except for him, there are no active police officers on board, and there is no search warrant. A group of ordinary people need to obtain permission before they want to check the house.
Having said that, it would be very blunt to refuse directly, and some impatient people might rush into the room and forcibly search.
It’s best to refuse to check the room before they ask for it, but they can’t wait to agree to a rough inspection, so that they can turn over the places where they can hide and then throw people out, so that the suspicion can be wiped out to a great extent
The wardrobe, which is too obvious to hide, must be included in the inspection scope and can’t be hidden inside.
Have to change places.
An Shi Tou sawed a few drawers and nailed some small protruding machines, then put the department on the drawer cabinet floor and pushed back the drawers that had just been taken out.
Because the sawed short drawer just fits in, there is no problem from the outside.
When the house is searched, even if someone pulls the drawer conveniently, they will usually pull out a section and stop when they see nothing in it. It is rare to pull out this drawer that is obviously hidden.
Just now, a few protrusions were installed to make the drawer get stuck when it is pulled to a certain distance, so it can’t continue to draw out. Naturally, it won’t show that there are people hiding behind it, and it’s so dark that it’s not easy to be noticed when it comes to the protective color in the light cabinet.
Baishi looked at it silently and felt that this operation was familiar. He remembered that there was a case in which a corpse was hidden in the drawer. It was very skilled.
Baishi has just checked the jammed drawer machine and found that he is not worried that the department will get stuck in it and can’t get out.
The reason why most people can’t pull the drawer is that when the twitch is blocked, their consciousness will be pulled to the bottom, and then it will break, and they will unconsciously converge their strength-just like some people can’t pull the pool cover when changing the pool, but at this moment, someone next to them will say, "If the force can’t break again, that person will be able to wake up and wipe it off."
The same is true here.
But of course, people don’t care how the drawer is flattened when they are living. The force value of a panel is higher than that of Mao Lilan, and the anesthetic needle can definitely run out when it is effective.
It’s done. Here, Baishi looks at the screen and is ready to disarm the bomb.
However, the column shows that it is all finished.
….. Passers-by threw the bomb into the sea?
It’s unlikely that Akio Whale’s appearance is that an honest man with three accomplices and a bomb boat can’t give up his girlfriend’s revenge.
Baishi thought for a moment and suddenly had a guess.
He look at An Shi Tou, who was packing his tool. "Have you just defused a bomb?"
"… I didn’t cut the thread, tied it and threw it into the sea." An Shitou was not too surprised by this question.
When police officer Morizaki was looking for "Ye Cai San", he remembered that the sender had been installed by Matsuda and sneaked into the man’s room to take a look.
I saw that the bedding was neat, and the whole room was like a person who had never lived. There was a pack that was put on the floor and it was suspicious.
An Shi Tong packed it and looked at it and found that there was enough time bomb in it to blow this yacht out of the hole.
At that time, An Shitou stared at the bomb and couldn’t help wondering whether Song Tian had installed any bomb detector props or whether he was born with an inductive intuition about the bomb.
….. Think back to the scene at that time and think again. Just now, Song Tian asked the law. An Shi Tou was more inclined to the former guess because Song Tian seemed very convinced that passers-by were carrying bombs.
But Song Tian didn’t come to show the sound when he was on the boat …
Therefore, it is also possible that Song Tian only guessed when he smelled the smell of explosives-the bag of bombs brought by passers-by was very rough and did not deliberately cover it up.
There are always a lot of problems before an emergency room.
Now he still has a lot of doubts, but he has learned to answer for himself.
Anyway, asking Song Tian is at most prevaricated with words like "intuition", "guess" and "unclear"
Although An Shitou didn’t tell the specific process, Baishi almost guessed it.
It’s all finished, but I can’t sleep yet because one is coming soon-Baishi looked at the date and it happened to be a full moon today.
He doesn’t trust to check the route map and figure out how to act next.
Now it’s dark and early, and it should come back on time.
An Shitou threw the scraps sawed from the drawer into the sea to continue to look for Ye Caisan-he stopped by the house just now and took a look.
However, on second thought, I just left for a while and Song Tian came back with someone.
And if I remember correctly, there are two passengers besides the black detective boat and the police-one is a little girl traveling with the black detective, and the other is a retired police officer, officer Sakazaki.
This room is not big. If I continue to pursue the case and Song Tian knocks out two more and brings them back … there is no place to hide.
….. Let’s stay in the room together. Anyway, there are only a few passengers on the ship. When we get to the shore, with more professional forensic police officers and equipment support, we can always find the murderer.
However, I just made up my mind to see Song Tian get up and look like going out.
“?” An Shi tou vigilance followed up.
"They’re too noisy. I’ll solve the case." Song Tian left a word and left quickly
An Shi Tou Zheng brain looked back for a while to make sure that Song Tian said it was to break the case, not to break the skull of the ship or the police officers.
….. How do you feel that Song Tian is very interested in solving crimes?


"How dare you die!"
"Give it to me!"
Law immediately to drink thick strong breath emerge, two of them is set off ice and fire.
A flame knife and a Xuanbing sword were cut alternately.
Fake artifact!
And one knife and one sword cooperate with each other like scissors, and the four-phase annihilation array will ripple when it is gently swept away.
There are other offensives swarming in and bombarding people.
very short time
Roar endlessly
When Huang Fenglin looked at the corner of his eyes and secretly blamed 1 in his heart, he had to grind his teeth and dashed in the hope of his rescue.
Tianhe is not chaotic in times of crisis, and it is very popular.
"You also pick me up!"
The hand shook and the knife flashed.
Knife is like running water, like breeze, like the bright moon hanging high in the sky, and the soft moonlight is not cool in everyone’s heart.
Moon knife!
Fake artifact!
Huang Fenglin’s figure was stunned by a sluggish face.
Too virtual knife tactic!
This is a knife method that incorporates many secret skills. There are 12 styles, and each style can become a fake skill.
Twelve-in-one is very likely to become a magical skill!
The seventh type-sleepiness
This is Tianhe’s best mastery of the three-style knife to cut the flesh and the true spirit, and the bandits are not the same.
When the knife light dispersed, an extreme pain also emerged from my mind.
Like a split soul.
The shrill screams rang out one after another, including two strong men with fourth-order silver.
And face to face with its front two gangsters …
Break from it with one knife and one sword
Tianhe’s face is full of smiles, and his wrist shakes gently. A machete, like a moon plate, sweeps across a section and brings up two heads.
"Want to escape?"
Turning around seemed to find something. As soon as she stepped on her foot, the whole person instantly appeared more than ten miles away, and her body soared.
Djinn photo!
It is also a pseudo-magic skill.
Incorporate the techniques created by verve, djinn, Zhenxing and other methods.
The fist front stirs up layers of visible ripples from Tianhe arm and swings in all directions.
A virtual shadow was forced out by its fist front
If you have to respond in the future, you will be killed by the moon knife.
Tianhe closed his knife and flicker around Huang Fenglin, waving his hand lightly.
"Go and let your people clean up."
Huang Fenglin’s mouth is open and his eyes are complicated and he slowly hangs his head.
He didn’t see that Tianhe Xiu was a fifth-order silver until now, didn’t he say that the maid around the Lord was only a second-order one?
Even the fifth order!
But the strength is so terrible?
There are many top Xuanbing formations. For the time being, there is still a fake artifact, the source of Wushu, which is even better.
Pseudo-magic skills are almost at your fingertips.
Huang Fenglin indecision eyes Tianhe panoramic view heart can’t help but feel high.
These hundreds of years have finally not been in vain!’
Hundreds of years!
Not for decades.

Really is Zujide.

Fortunately, his ancestors are all flying ash, and there is no spirit. Otherwise, he would have to push the coffin board and give this old man a big mouth.
Road head high fork wear a waist that groaned.
"don’t eat a toast!"
"I will let you know that I know it!"
"The heavenly soldiers will help me!"
Sophisticated people don’t know whether they are talking about their own road numbers or their own names.
Hand conjured up a FuFeng spontaneous combustion.
Then there appeared a line in the courtyard wearing a golden helmet and a golden lux.
The first lux also knows how to fuels the veteran.
A nod with an air of sophistication.
Xianjialou LiuXianEr is laughing.
"true gentleman?"
"I’m really not afraid of the wind flashing your tongue."
"There is neither an emperor’s conferment nor a corresponding throne, and you dare to call yourself a true king!"
Listening to Liu Xianer’s words is sophisticated but unpreparedness.
"What do you know, a little family-guarding fairy?"
"Now the sky is about to be chaotic, and when the time comes, the heroes will compete with each other. I want to bet on a family that is soaring. How can Wan Li not be called a true gentleman?"
"But you come into my door quickly."
"The true gentleman lacks a mount and wants you to wait until the true gentleman gives you a seal, which is when you become a dragon."
The old road said that it was called a righteous awe-inspiring
LiuXianEr that is don’t believe a word.
"Are you the only one remanded in custody?"
"Heaven’s heroes are blind to see you, who are neither human nor ghost nor demon."
Liu Xianer’s remarks made Lao Dao angry.
It’s been exposed.
How can you not be angry?
Old-fashioned has no real meaning. It is this family that steals a little and his family seeks a little, and finally learns it, but it is really four unlike.
"How dare you slander Zhenjun!"
The group of shining golden lux shouted and rushed directly at Xianjialou.
"Do you idiots really think you are heavenly soldiers?"
LiuXianEr cold hum a.
Then there was a burst of light in Xianjia Building.
All of a sudden, these shining golden lux shining golden helmets and shining golden weapons are gone
Changed clothes, rags, hoes, sickles
Just now, the mountain soldiers will be confused and finding at this time.
At this time, Liu Xianer spoke again.
"Do you remember what you are?"
"A group of poor guys who have been tricked into soul-refining by the demon way."
"It’s time to wipe out your true spirit and let you be slaves for generations."
"It’s a pity that this demon is not skilled."
"Roots can’t do this."
"Still not dispersed?"
"Waiting to be caught again?"
The ragged farmer looked at each other.
A moment later, the farmers glared at the old man.
But no one rushed.
They all heard what Liu Xianer said.

The material that was about to get the paint slipped from Baishi’s face and floated to his leg.

“?” Belmore didn’t stick it firmly. Pick it up and paste it again. This time, he made a little effort.
But as soon as I let go, the material floated away again
Belmore caught it and stayed for a rare five seconds. Then she suddenly remembered the strange glass-like pupil of the former Song Tian, and then thought about what strange experiment the researcher code-named Melo seemed to be carrying out …
The experimental report obtained by the former client was too long, and it was still a technical term and could not be taken out of the building. She also didn’t read it carefully and confirmed that Song Tian’s anomalies were under the control of the organization, so she left it alone.
….. Now it seems necessary to be patient to temporarily stop the dislike of similar experiments and see what is wrong.
This constitution is amazing.
Several other materials were tried without success.
Belmore stretched out his hand and squeezed it on Baishi’s face, and it really felt very slightly different from ordinary people’s skin.
She didn’t dare to tear it too hard and have to send someone to repair it.
During this period, she checked more Colleen’s records and found that Colleen was very professional in the eyes of others except Chianti, who said that he was difficult to communicate. She also needed qualified tools.
If something always goes wrong in his own hands, even if Collen still doesn’t mind contacting himself, Melo may limit the experiment of making friends. Those crazy scientists always attach great importance to themselves.
Chapter 31 The scene gradually became chaotic.
Baishi didn’t know what Belmore was thinking. He glanced at Belmore’s hands and put them on his face. Suddenly, he felt that these hands were beautiful, too.
However, Belmore took his hand away without waiting for a few more looks.
She glanced out of the window and said that she had a bad feeling that the FBI group might be looking for trouble, so she packed up her things first and left the building.
An Shitou was also wary of going to the window, hiding behind the curtain and looking out. By the way, he secretly glanced at his mobile phone while his back was turned to Song Tian.
There is no one outside the window, and there is no message from the Ministry in the mobile phone.
It seems that Belmore’s intuition is not very good
He went back to the coffee table and took a look at it. Song Tian felt his face again. "If you don’t want to be noticed by the FBI, I picked it?"
"No" Baishi thinks the problem is not big.
It’s not yet time for the FBI to appear, even if they run around on a whim and accidentally meet themselves and An Shitou, because the FBI hasn’t submitted an application, it’s illegal for them to secretly investigate guns and arrest people now.
In other words, if the FBI dares to do it, it is likely to be caught red-handed by the police on the way to catch them both.
An Shi Tong seems to have a similar idea.
He made this suggestion because he felt that Song Tian seemed to mind being stared at.
Who knows that after Belmore’s visit, Song Tian suddenly became very accommodating and not as stubborn as before.
An Shitou felt that he was right. Song Tian must have tricked Belmore into making that request.
This kind of feeling will continue to develop. Will one day he suddenly be killed by Belmore like a former tool man …
An Shitou decided to try to contact Merlot and pass a note there anonymously.
Although that Melo is not a good person, it is better than another idiot crusher, Belmore.
I didn’t meet any FBI all the way.
But their trip was not smooth either.
When they arrived at the port, they couldn’t leave on time because they had an appointment with the ship and had a murder case.
An Shi-tou sighed after inquiring about the situation, although he felt unlucky, but he was not too surprised.
It’s not far from Tokyo, and it’s already late. Go back and come back the next day. If it’s too late, it’s better to live nearby first.
However, there are several small scenic spots nearby, and there is a festival tonight. The hotels nearby are fully booked.
They searched along the road for a while and finally found an old but decorated classical hot spring hotel.
This place was also fully booked, but when they asked, the front desk received a cancellation notice.
You can hear the faint siren across the street, and it’s probably two unlucky people involved in highway killings
So far, everything is going well.
But when entering the door and preparing to cross the hall to the room, Baishi looked at several people sitting at the table in the hall and their eyes were sluggish.
It was a group of uncles and aunts in bathrobes, and one of them had words. Hu Zheng touched the back of his head and laughed. Uncle Long Face was very conspicuous.
Of course, it is more conspicuous that the high school girl next to him is a child with glasses.
As soon as Baishi’s line of sight turned, Conan was responsive and raised his head.
At the moment Conan’s expression solidified and consciousness took a step back and hit Mao Lilan behind him.

Oh, this method is very special. It seems that it should be directly entered into memory or directly accepted.

No wonder the white tiger didn’t explain much because he was not afraid of what he would see or hear.
At this time, Bai Yixuan, who was shrouded in white light, was surprised to grow up. Because there was a person talking to him in his mind, several strange forces were rushing into his mind.
"You listen to me carefully. These are all kinds of moves of the White Tiger clan, Luo Tian Xianhou’s practice. Immediately, I heard that these moves were your father. You remember that at this time, the death of the White Tiger clan must not be careless. Since the celestial world is so now, you must never let people know about my situation of the White Tiger clan and inform your father that this person is a white tiger clan. I hope you will help me."
Words are not much, more energy will directly put the number of secret methods and moves into Bai Yixuan’s mind, and Bai Yixuan will be deceived by the whole people.
I didn’t expect a pie to fall and hit him. His head was incredible.
White light dissipates quickly Bai Yixuan leng for a while in order to be awake Bai Yixuan a recall just now things suddenly … Happy.
See Bai Yixuan smile Wentao suddenly have a bad feeling, but think about what I have told White Tiger not to tell who he is and who he is in Fang Tiandi.
But I didn’t expect the white tiger to play this skill.
"Yi Xuan is known. Thank you very much." Bai Yixuan leaned down and thanked him and took out a token from me at the same time. "This is the token of the White Tiger clan. There is a communication matrix that can be connected to me at any time. Although the White Tiger clan declined, it was just that no one was better than that because of the punishment of heaven and earth, but the strength of the White Tiger clan was even worse. But the White Tiger clan was still in a certain degree. Except for the super strong and the immortal emperor, Luo Tianxian and Luo Jinxian were very many masters, and they were absolutely strong in the same level of battle, even if they were generally immortal imperial city
This kind of thing Wentao naturally took it over first because he was curious. What did Bai Yixuan mean by saying this?
White tiger do SPAR inside what said Wentao also don’t know.
"This is not to talk again another day" Bai Yixuan to a head touch legs devoting to rapidly away.
Looking at the departure Bai Yixuan Wanbao said, "This guy just smiled strangely, especially after he took the spar, his expression and his eyes were very problematic. I think he probably knew something."
I’m happy because I got the benefit. Look at my weird eyes. Grandma must have the problem with the white tiger.
But now there is no way for Wentao to weigh the token in one hand, and now he really doesn’t
"Regardless of them, we should go back and prepare for the martial arts conference."
The shopkeeper of the Friends Teahouse is about to hold an impromptu call to know that the martial arts conference is coming soon, and this challenge of longevity club will make the fighting and competition of the martial arts conference more intense.
Just then someone came in, "Report to the big shopkeeper Bai Yixuan, who just went out to see Jiangshan and Wanbao."
Chapter five hundred and seventy-three Surging dark waves ()
I knew they had some problems, but it wasn’t quite like if Jiangshan and Wanbao were also immortals, there was no need to see that scene in front of them. It seemed as if they had found out what was wrong with them later.
And see Bai Yixuan near you? It’s even more wrong. Deliberately confuse yourself, otherwise that Jiangshan IQ won’t make such a blunder.
He should know very well that he may not know what they are talking about, but it is impossible for him to hide the fact that they met near his friends’ teahouse.
A lot of things turn around in my mind, but it is hard for people to understand this situation. She Yan has not met it for a long time.
Raise your hand and gently swing it to let the hand retreat.
It seems that I really have to take this Jiangshan seriously. This warfare conference will be more exciting than ever.
"You should all know that the Immortal Society has fought against us this time. They sent Yaori Immortal King, Bloodthirsty Immortal King, and Hedgerow Immortal King to sit in other people’s hands, which is also very sufficient, but it is still peaceful on the surface." For the time being, Wentao and Wanbao will keep things on their side in their minds, but they will be more alert to Sheyan and call them to understand.
Xianghe is one of Sheyan’s main assistants, who is in charge of information and information in the teahouse and private fighting field.
"On the surface, ten immortals have come to the longevity club, and there are three secretly stronger forces than this. Apart from reducing the punishment, the warfare meeting has gradually become a venue for major forces. Among the nine immortals, the longevity club was originally ranked in the top five because it was injured by the imperial god Long Xiandi three thousand years ago, and at the same time, it was punished by the immortal emperor. The main force of the longevity club suffered great losses. At present, the strength of the longevity club is the weakest in the nine immortals, and our friendship teahouse has risen in the recent period. Now our momentum has threatened the longevity club and the immortal emperor Nine.
"Because of this, the Immortal Society has been aiming at our members’ teahouse and private fighting field in the city of warfare. Their power is not good, and we have been suppressing them and adding that they are not strong after being frustrated. They have never posed a threat to us. I believe that the most urgent thing in the Immortal Society at present is not revenge, nor developing forces to restore their status in the past, but to fight our members’ teahouse."
After listening to the peaceful words, everyone here nodded in succession. It is very difficult for the celestial beings to appear as they have gradually developed and can compete with the forces of the nine immortals.
Even at the beginning, it was not because of how powerful it was that it replaced the once nine major forces, namely, the immortal emperor of Shushan. It was another way to challenge the other immortal emperor himself. At the same time, it had three assistants and four people joined hands to directly destroy the weakest water city at that time. At that time, the immortal emperor of Shuiyuan was also killed by the immortal emperor of Shushan, and then four people resisted the immortal emperor of Shuiyuan. Hundreds of Luo Tianxian joined forces with thousands of Luo Jinxian to attack, and finally it took a hundred years of fighting to completely destroy the immortal power of Shuiyuan.
At the same time, it also cultivated its own forces, and finally established the Shushan Sword School in the fairy world and replaced the Shuiyuan immortal emperor Shuiyuan City as one of the nine immortals.
The members’ teahouse obviously didn’t go that way, but gradually developed its power. There was a certain gap between them and the weakest immortal emperor, but the immortal society plummeted, which made them qualified to threaten the nine major powers once they got into it.
As soon as it became one of the nine major forces, it changed from the majority to the minority. Now, no matter how strong the teahouse is, even if it can engage in private fights in the Wudou City without fear of fairy rules and laws, it is still within the scope of the rules. If the nine immortals join hands to clean them up, it will be a disaster.
That is to say, they are still following the rules, but once they become the nine major forces, they are the ones who customize the rules.