"Small kind also learn to talk back? See if I don’t tidy up you …"

"Giggle …"
In this way, the two men frolicked and finally it took another ten minutes to get dressed and hit the lounge door, and walked in tandem to the president’s office in Sun Mei.
"What is it, Sister Mei?" Zhao Lan didn’t knock at the door directly went in and asked.
Sun Meigang wanted to answer. I felt that someone behind me was scared. I turned around and saw that Brother Gan was smiling and looking at himself. I patted my trembling chest and was surprised. "You rascal scared me to death … why are you here?" (Today, three chapters have been completed. Later, we will make up for the previous chapter. Chapter 53, Brother Gan? Brother Tian?
"Ha ha why not welcome?" Dry elder brother said with a bad smile and pinched Sun Mei’s white little face, which made Sun Mei’s little face brush a red. "Oh, stop that now …" Said shyly and glanced at one side, clutching his mouth and "giggled" and smiled at Zhao Lan.
Brother Gan dismissed it. "Hey, hey, what are you afraid of? No outsiders miss me, Mei Jie?" Say that finish, continue to tease Sun Meishen to explore, so that Sun Mei kept panting and punched Brother Gan. Just as Brother Gan was about to take a step, suddenly the phone rang in his trouser pocket.
Brother Gan was a little impatient when he took out his mobile phone and saw that it was a strange number. He angrily pressed the answer key and said, "Who is it?"
"Is it Brother Tian?" At this time, sitting in a black Audi car has turned several times around the center of the harbor. Wu Tian, holding a mobile phone in his hand, rang for a long time and didn’t move. He just wanted to hang up. There was a connection and he quickly asked
As soon as Brother Gan heard the name "Brother Tian", he immediately guessed nine points, because his name has been unknown for a long time, that is, those people combined with each other’s sound to ask Brother Gan, "Wu Tian?"
"Is the elder brother of the day I am wu day … I you forget me … hey hey …" Wu Tianyi listen to dry elder brother remember his excitement replied.
"Ha ha what thing? Why did you think of calling me? " Brother gan asked with a smile, wondering in his heart that it wouldn’t be Wang Dashuai’s dog’s day that was found out, but finding out that he wasn’t afraid of it was really a little bad for Wu Tian.
Wu Tian quickly replied, "The thing is, Brother Tian, I’m in Dongshan now. I just did something and wanted to stop by and visit you. I don’t know if you have time?"
Just then, he sat at the back of the gigolo. Because he was touched by two bruisers, he moaned and whined intermittently. Wu was so angry that he turned his head and stared at the gigolo. He was so scared that he didn’t dare to make any noise at once. Two bodyguards also quickly took extraordinary measures to pull the gigolo tie and strangle his mouth.
"Why didn’t you say so earlier when you came to Dongshan? Where did I get you a dinner? I’ll send someone to pick you up? " Brother Gan greeted warmly. After all, he did his own thing. Brother Gan is not the kind of person who turns his face and denies it.
Wu Tian sees Brother Gan so flattered to see himself, and quickly declines, "No, no, Brother Tian, my car is coming to the harbor now. Just tell me where you are and I’ll get there!"
"Depend! You’ve come to the harbor. I’ll go to the harbor so that you can go to Crown Hotel now. I booked a package there. You can just go directly to their lobby manager in the past … "Brother Gan arranged it.
"Ok, I’ll rush over to Tiange, and we’ll talk in detail when we meet …" Wu Tianmou promised to hang up and suddenly ordered the driver to "find a place to park!"
The driver parked his Audi in a deserted place. I don’t know what the boss is going to do. When he saw Wu Tian, he slammed the door and shouted, "Bring me that dog day!"
Sitting in the back seat, the bodyguard hurriedly dragged the gigolo. The car has just arrived, but it hasn’t been stable yet. Wu Tian raised his fist. "Bang" is an old fist. Fuck the gigolo and beat him while cursing "Mom is better than letting you call! Let you scream! You dare to scream when you talk to Brother Tian! " A few punches to the pretty boy passed out and hung his head and was dragged by two bodyguards.
After the fight, Wu Tian vomitted cold phlegm and rubbed it with a little pain. His hands turned and went straight to the car. Three bodyguards quickly followed the car and started the car. Wu Tian said a sentence, "Go to Huangting Hotel quickly …" Then the driver gps located a destination and drove the black Audi a6 into the fast lane.
After hanging up Wu Tian, Brother Gan immediately dialed the lobby manager of the Imperial Court Hotel. Since the Chen Hu wedding was held there, the Imperial Court has become a hall of loyalty. The lobby manager asked politely, "Hello, this is the Imperial Court Hotel. What can I do for you?" This is a hotel dedicated to distributing professional mobile phones and private mobile phones. Generally speaking, he knows that his number is either rich or expensive. How dare he neglect it?
"I am loyalty hall Wang Xiaogan! Arrange a bag for me. There will be a guest from sh later. Please entertain me first. I’ll be there in a minute! " Dry elder brother directly ordered didn’t say much nonsense. When the lobby manager heard that it was dry elder brother, he hurriedly primly said, "It turned out to be dry elder brother. Well, I’ll arrange it when I’m white …" After I finished hanging up, I immediately asked people to prepare the bag, while I waited in the lobby myself to frighten the young lady. What did I do wrong?
"Oh, I’m leaving, baby. You’re busy. There’s a guest from sh …" Brother Sun Mei’s little ass touched a sigh again.
Sun Meijiao Chen said, "As long as you are busy all day, you don’t come to see us …".
After listening to it, Brother Gan looked miserable. Mom, you always don’t want to come. You wish you didn’t work all day and just enjoyed it, but that won’t do either. If a man doesn’t make money to support his family, his daughter-in-law has to run with someone else! Besides, I just worked my ass off to finish that little bitch in Zhao Lan, but Brother Gan still smiled and coaxed, "Oh, come on, come on, we’re an old couple!" Say that finish on Sun Mei ear whispered, "I’ll find you tonight …"
"Go to you! Hate … "Sun Mei gave dry elder brother a white look after listening, but his heart was flattered and delicate and charming and he sent dry elder brother out of the office with Zhao Lan.
After seeing off the dry elder brother, Sun Mei saw Zhao Lan’s professional dress from behind, and the bottom ditch was wet and confused for a few seconds. She remembered that Zhao Lan’s charming appearance suddenly turned white and touched Zhao Lan’s little ass with a bad smile. "Why are you wet behind Xiaolan?"
"ah? ! Where? " Be Sun Mei so say have a guilty conscience Zhao Lan suddenly exclaimed little face brush a red to Bogen immediately perfunctory way "Mr … may be just go to health accidentally get it …"
"Really?" Sun Mei a face of smiles appealed staring at Zhao Lan swim away from the uncertain small eyes asked Zhao Lan nervous holding skirt feeling tightness nodded his head.
Sun Mei suddenly pounced on Zhao Lan and said, "You little Sao Ni, you steal to eat and you dare to hide it from me … see how I tidy up you …"
"Giggle … ah … Mei Jie I was wrong … I was wrong … I changed … ah … Stop tickling … I can’t stand it …" Zhao Lan was tickled by Sun Mei and both of them laughed and begged for mercy. What’s to say?
"Come on, give me the truth! What do I say? Just now, there was a red face and said nothing. Two small fox eyes were in estrus, so it was cool to serve … "Sun Mei put his hand into Zhao Lan’s suit and sneered.
Zhao Lan hurriedly gave Sun Mei a general account of what happened just now. Of course, she was not shy enough to describe the specific plot. After that, she watched Sun Meidao "Give me a break, Mei Jie … who and who are our sisters …"
"Fuck you, you little lang hoof. I’m glad I didn’t deduct your salary when I hurried to work!" Sun Mei criticise said think of dry elder brother to talk to her before leaving, eager to clamp his legs.
The lobby manager of Huangting Hotel has been waiting for almost half an hour in the lobby, but I haven’t seen what Brother Gan said. The guest seems a little anxious. He is in a hurry. A black Audi a6 with sh license plate has stopped at the entrance of the hall. Wu Tianhe, the driver of two bodyguards in the back seat, went to the hotel parking lot with the still unconscious gigolo.
Wu Tian went straight to the lobby with two bodyguards and came to the front desk of the hotel and asked, "Hello, miss, we are guests of Mr. Wang Tian. He has already booked the bag …"
The receptionist answered with a smile, "Please wait a moment, sir. I’ll check it for you …" She said, holding her head and entering the reservation management system. After entering the word "Wang Tian" for a minute, she said, "I’m sorry, sir, so far there is no Mr. Wang Tian who has booked a package here."
"No, Brother Tian said it was already booked!" Wu Tian wondered that the bodyguard around him woke up and said, "Will Mr. Wang, the boss, forget or not come back?"
"Impossible, Brother Tian’s style of doing things. I know that he is the kind of person who speaks his mind and never drags his feet …" Wu Tian rang for a while and shook his head. Then he looked at the receptionist. "Please check again, Miss Wu …"
"Good sir, please wait a moment …" The receptionist replied with a smile and fucked again. Finally, if I’m sorry to shake my head, the driver followed after parking the car.
I have been anxiously waiting for the lobby manager to meet the front desk. Four people looked like road flyovers and quickly asked, "Who are the guests looking for?"
"And you are?" Wu day looked at the lobby by the science and technology card confused way and three bodyguards also wary of watching him ready to deal with emergencies.
"Oh … this is our lobby manager …" The receptionist quickly introduced and reported to the lobby manager. "These gentlemen came to see a manager named Mr. Wang Tian, but there is no such guest in our hotel for the time being."
"Wang Tian? Wang Xiaogan? " The lobby manager chanted it again, although they were all surnamed Wang, but one was two words and the other was three words, but as a precaution, he asked, "Are you looking for some gentlemen?"

Ye Han smiled at this kind of environment. For the first time, he really smiled. The melancholy color that used to hang on his cheek has long since disappeared. It seems that there is no hatred or resentment in his heart at this moment, and everything has already been forgotten by him.

In an instant, everything around us is back to normal, and the stars have passed away. The only thing left is a piece of white clouds hanging over the sun, covering all the hot sun, making everything around us look particularly dark.
Suddenly, the sky is changing, the sun is hanging high again, and everything around it will be lit up. At this moment, everything really returned to normal. There is still a perfect place around Yan Yunzong like a ruin, and that is the grass that everyone owns.
The past is like a cloud, just as it changes rapidly at this moment. Who would have thought that life would suddenly change so much? Although life was not the happiest for Ye Han a year ago, it was the most memorable and there was no time to compare it.
Soon Ye Lengling recovered from her memories and looked at each other for a long time, then their faces all showed a trace of unspeakable happiness, which came from the deepest part of my heart and was the most sincere.
It seems that Leng Ling and others, who are infected by this happy atmosphere, have already got up at this time. However, no one is willing to break this happy scene, and their faces are soon filled with happy tears.
At this moment, although they saw that Ye Han and Ye Rou were sincerely committed to each other, they should be jealous of it, but this is not the case. Instead of being jealous, they feel that they are extremely reliable in finding a man and love themselves very much, because they have long been sisters in each other’s hearts and agree with each other. Ye Han once said that although they have each other, they are not divided.
Hug has become the best way to end all this. Ye Han and Ye Rou finally got rid of the only memories and finally brought their minds back to reality. At this moment, all they can do is hug, hug tightly and hug quietly
After a long time, the grass rang with warm palms and cold palms, and others seemed to have already pulled back their minds from being moved. Now all they can do is to be happy for Ye Han, who became attached here and now confirmed their sincerity here. Whoever saw this theory will surely be deeply moved.
After the hug, everything is normal, but it’s already noon, and Ye Han and others have spent a long time here unconsciously. During this time, there was not much speech or action, but only a crush, and this crush has now become a thing of the past
"Can Rou Er really let go of the past and give us a good development environment in the future? Don’t cherish the past, but let us truly surpass the past?" Ye Han smiled. Once upon a time, what he wanted most was to come back here, the origin of mutual affection, and really develop this affection.
Leaf smiled softly, then nodded his head, and his lips rose slightly on tiptoe. Even if he kissed Ye Han’s lips and hugged each other tightly, he wanted to show a warmer side than this moment, which is eternal.
Although Ye Rou didn’t give Ye Han an answer directly, she showed her doubts. Ye Han knew that all the women in the audience knew that this kiss didn’t mean that Ye Rou definitely answered Ye Han’s question. She agreed with Ye Han’s statement.
Being kissed by Ye Rou Ye Han seems to finally feel that he is not active enough. A man actually let his woman seize the kissing power. At this moment, he doesn’t seem to be half dissatisfied with this life because he belongs to Ye Rou and not to himself.
However, after Ye Rou tried his best to snatch his kiss away, he didn’t choose to give up the fight for the initiative. In an instant, the situation was rapidly reversed. Ye Han’s arms were fierce, and Ye Rou immediately pressed his arms, followed by a deep kiss on her lips.
At this time, just kissing can’t seem to solve everything. Ye Hanshuang kisses Ye Rou, and at the same time, he doesn’t forget to pick his lips and teeth thoroughly, which will make him fall into crazy in love in an instant.
At this moment, everything in the world seems to be still, and the only thing that can move is Ye Han and Ye Rou, and the whole world will have their warm and sincere kisses before him.
After a long time, everything seems to have just returned to normal, and Ye Han and Ye Rou’s kiss has finally become the past forever. As Ye Han said, I sincerely let go of the past. This is Ye Rou’s kiss to give the answer. She admitted Ye Han’s statement that she is willing to sincerely let go of everything in the past, which is more sincere than when she personally promised by the lake.
Ye Han smiled and didn’t continue to be silent to replace everything. Instead, he turned to Lengling and others and said, "Thank you for giving us this witness. At the same time, I also want to ask you sincerely. If I asked you the previous question, would you answer it?"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, everyone’s faces suddenly showed a bit of embarrassment. Isn’t it what they want to give when Ye Rou gives the answer? However, there are many ways to give the answer. They choose to be silent, but Ye Rou is an exception. She gave the answer on her own lips and impressed the answer on each other’s hearts.
Silence may not necessarily be the answer, but at this moment silence is a true answer, a sincere answer and an eternal answer, which is jointly given by Lengling and others. Ye Han’s refusal of natural law can be readily accepted.
With the most sincere answer from the daughters, Ye Hanxin finally solved the emotional entanglement that lasted for a hundred years and finally had a happy ending. Although nine planets’s fate is not over yet, his daughters’ love for a hundred years will finally bear fruit.
This result is that Ye Han, who wanted to see Qingyun most at the beginning, is most happy to see it now, but now they all get it. Maybe Ye Han is Qingyun and Qingyun is Ye Han …
【 616 】【 Ninth Star 】
It’s been a long time, and Yanshan Mountain has completely fallen into a dead silence. It’s this dead silence that hides a warm side. The only thing that has left a complete grassland is the female face 【
It’s the woman’s face that faintly exudes a masculine atmosphere. The men and women are sitting on a par, and all the women’s eyes are staring at the nearby days …
Night enveloped the earth again unconsciously. At this moment the day before, everyone was still at home to complete their bridal chamber, but today they are living in this barren mountain and abandoned house and grassland. However, each other’s hearts are also full of sweetness.
Appropriate at this time, the sky suddenly came to several shining lights, and the sight of all people was moved away from looking at the sky, and the faces of all the shining stars could not help but show a bit of shock.
Looking closely at this time, the shining stars are the only bright spot, but in this shining stars, everyone saw a scene that filled each of them with shock.
There are nine star that shine exceptionally in that sky.
"nine planets will be robbed in the same day. It seems that it is getting closer and closer to the gathering day in nine planets!" Looking at the day when the nine stars were interdependent, one of them was relatively dim. The only man suddenly converged that shocked face and turned to a face of concern and said
This man is Ye Han, who still stays here after solving Ye Rou’s knot. The idea is that they don’t know that staying here can actually see such a scene as today.
At this time, although nine planets is arrayed, it is enough to shock some people in the place. It is reasonable to say that it is impossible for nine stars to appear at the same time in nine planets, except for nine planets Lingyu to decorate nine planets array.
Now that nine planets’s large array has not yet started, and this nine planets has appeared at the same time, it seems that there is nothing unusual, but if you want to think about it carefully, it is not difficult to understand. If it were not for the second nine planets owner’s coming soon, how could there be the nine planets phenomenon today?
"This is …" Looking at this day, nine planets and the scene aside LengLing finally couldn’t help but be shocked in the heart. "Is the ninth life star going to be an ice sheet? But this ice sheet can’t have inflammation practitioners? What the hell is going on here? "
Nine planets has always been nine planets Lingyu moving, but sometimes it will change with his owner. Now, seeing that all the other stars in nine planets are together, only this has just appeared. The third nine planets is located in the north of the star. Although it seems not far, it is actually far away.
Moreover, according to nine planets’s sword, the position represented by this star is not the direction of Hanlin Mountain or the ice city, but the central position of these two places, and this position seems familiar to Lengling.
"Han Tao?" Suddenly, Ye Lengling suddenly glances at each other, and then their corners of the mouth can’t help but spit out two words. Isn’t that the position represented by the first nine planets when they beheaded the iceberg where Lengtao lived?
"Don’t …" Listen to this Ye Lengling, so one eye at a time, Yan Xin suddenly remembered the mountain that Ye Han passed when he returned from the ice sheet. Ye Han once told him that Cold Tao was dead there.
Yan Xin couldn’t help but be surprised at the thought of this. "Is this the first nine planets owner who will be the cold Tao?"

The audience was frozen and gawked at the boxing ring-the boxing ring stood in awe of the waves, and the Japanese fighting queen Matsushima apricot was soft and slightly * *!

A trick!
No one will believe that the unknown beat the Japanese fighting queen with a wave!
The waves bowed their heads and looked at the platform coldly, struggling with pine island apricot.
The neck of Matsushima apricot was strained, but then it was broken from right to left, and the back of the head was hit hard to crack the quilt, so it was hit hard to break it!
The wave completely destroyed the spirit and body of Matsushima apricot!
Matsushima Apricot spits blood in her lips. Every movement will bring a cough. Every cough will bring out a big mouthful of blood. Her neck is soft and she lies in the boxing ring. She looks up at the waves. There is no pity, begging or vicious cursing in her eyes. It is still cold! Still sharp! Still hard! Still strong! Still unyielding
Matsushima apricot suddenly smiled when she looked at the waves. No one knew what she meant by laughing, nor did the waves, but one thing he knew was that Matsushima apricot wanted him to kill her!
Matsushima apricot smile made her cold eyes pale, her face red and her lips showed a kind of sadness and Leng Yan that bloomed before she died!
The waves suddenly felt sorry for Matsushima apricot, but he immediately threw away this emotional feeling-sympathy and pity are negative and cannot appear in his dictionary!
At the same time, he also knows that Matsushima Apricot doesn’t need his sympathy. It’s harder for her to feel sorry for her than to kill her!
"Kill her! Kill her! " The audience shouted at the station.
The waves looked at her feet coldly. This woman was crazy with him last night. Now he is going to kill her himself!
The waves looked up coldly and quietly at Yamazaki Maple in the VIP room.
Yamazaki maple also looked at the waves!
Both of them look calm, their eyes are not sharp, they are quiet, cold and indifferent!
Everything around me can’t be changed. There are two people who have a quiet eye contact, no swords, no sharp edges, cold eyes and indifferent expressions!
Sakura Yamazaki also looked at the waves commanding, calm and cruel!
Yamazaki Feng and Yamazaki Sakura didn’t look at Matsushima Apricot. A loser in their eyes is not worthy of their pity!
The waves withdrew their eyes and slowly raised their fists, examining their fists carefully. It was a white fist, dry, hard and angular!
This is also a bloodthirsty fist! Blood debt is heavy, killing people!
The waves looked down at Matsushima apricot again.
Matsushima apricot is still lying in a strange position, and her neck is broken. In this position, she lies on the platform and looks up at the waves.
It’s this body that brought crazy excitement to the "Tiebanqiao" waves last night, and now it’s the same body that was abruptly twisted by the waves, lying soft in the cold ring and quietly accepting death!
-Life is cruel!
Yamazaki maple took her sister’s hand and her eyes were full of gentle smiles, so Sakura sat next to him.
When the waves saw Yamazaki Maple looking at her sister’s eyes, they thought of Matsushima Apricot and said, "He and his sister have slept together … they are just like real brothers and sisters." An idea flashed through the waves’ mind!
As soon as the idea jumped out of his mind, the wave thinking horse seized the idea and decided to make a plan after analyzing, demonstrating and screening it for one thousandth of a second!
-A plan that is highly feasible and must be implemented!
Thinking that this plan can bring devastating waves, a smile appears on the corners of the mouth, sinister and cold!
He took a deep look at Yamazaki Maple, who was affectionate, and looked straight at the ring ahead.
There was silence on the scene, and a referee marched into the ring.
In the prelude to the storm, the rain is coming, and the people in the hall are doomed to wait for the referee to introduce the origin of one or both players
For the Japanese fighting queen Matsushima apricot, the audience are familiar with it. For this young wave, I know that he is a recommended player of the "Fulong Gang".
Since it is recommended by the "Fulong Gang", it must not be bad there. This little pair has a well-thought-out plan. Maybe there are two brushes that can make an upset into a dark horse!
Several spectators who bought the waves beat the waves gave cheers and encouragement whistles to the waves.
The waves don’t be humiliated, but they smile calmly.
The boxing referee said calmly, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this competition. It is scheduled to be held this week. Now, at the request of one party, the other party agrees to hold it before making a decision, which has caused inconvenience to all friends. On behalf of our host, I am very sorry! Today, my friends have prepared a game, which will be the most exciting, exciting and bloody game in our three years! Both players have signed a life-and-death ring, no protective gear and no rules. These are the former rules. Today, we have to add another rule, that is, unless one person dies on the spot, the other one must not walk in the ring! "

Deep-sea ghost iron is a very precious special ore. The dagger has not only the ability to break the true qi, but all energy can easily reach the blue flame to burn Zhang Tao * * Only looking at the ocean and sighing.

"Collapse boxing! One white and fifty strong! " And Zhang Tao’s right fist, of course, won’t be idle. He’s already waving his strongest fist!
"Wan Yan Sen Luo!" The bully tiger’s choice is still to play hardball. At this time, it is extremely clever and the blue flame is burning. Naturally, he will not retreat at all.
Two fists collided, and the two men flew out quickly. Zhang Tao was covered with flames. These flames first went crazy and entered Zhang Tao’s body, but then they ran out of Zhang Tao’s skin as they fled for their lives, but in the end they were completely wiped out by the cold of heaven and earth.
In fact, Ba Hu and Zhang Tao almost restrained each other. Unfortunately, Ba Hu didn’t know that Zhang Tao’s body had the cold flame of heaven and earth and had lost its threat. However, Zhang Tao’s right arm was in pain, and the fist strength of the other party was still too strong. Even if the ice body was strengthened on Sunday, it would be difficult to fracture.
However, on the other hand, Ba Hu stopped early and his right fist was scarred, but it happened that a blood hole was broken in his right shoulder, and the blood was wet like a fountain, but his right half was evaporated by the blue flame.
This time, the stunt of touching Zhang Tao and becoming famous by splitting the saints obviously took over. "Hey, you have such strength and you have to sneak around?" Surprisingly, Ba Hu did not continue to attack, but asked.
"Be careful" Zhang Tao replied simply that she had to live. She promised that the woman in the ice coffin would wait for her own people.
"You are born at the peak, but you have the strength that can seriously hurt me. Since you are taking advantage of others, don’t argue with others easily, right?" Ba Hu looks reckless, but he gestured to Zhang Tao, but his eyes showed that there were people lurking not far away waiting for the opportunity.
Zhang Tao is a wild goose hunter. How can he be caught by his peers? "So what do you think?" Zhang Tao asked about the fact that Zhang Tao had a general understanding of the strength of the bully tiger, and he was absolutely sure of winning. It was too much trouble for the mouse next to him
"This time, even if it’s a time, if people interfere with Grandpa, I will definitely have a good fight with you." Say that finish, Ba Hu helped himself to burst out of the right shoulder wound.
Zhang Tao also looked around and didn’t dare to hesitate to leave the place. This time, a small crisis made Zhang Tao more aware of the night killing crisis. It’s time to go back to the camp and rest. Where is he absolutely safe?
Although I have been to the camp once, the sense of belonging and calling is indelible. It seems as if distant relatives are looking forward to it. Although I don’t know how this connection is formed, Zhang Tao has to admire the first generation owner of the Magic Tower.
Zhang Tao needs to go back to the camp, but on the way, it doesn’t prevent Zhang Tao from continuing to hunt others to get points. Zhang Tao is extremely satisfied with the number of tokens in the Mishu Tower.
Nine-level Martial Arts Token can get one point, congenital condition can get two points, then Tianshi level can get three points, and so on. Generally speaking, ten points can be exchanged for good materials, so Zhang Tao’s current heritage adds up to at least fifty or sixty points
It’s not far from Gu Youjun’s camp, but there are many bodies and traces of fighting around. The thought that Mo Lengfeng might come to Zhang Tao in person makes him more and more vigilant. Because of this war, someone is bound to wait for an opportunity, just like assassinating others himself.
"Brother, run!" But a moment distant anxious sound saw two familiar sounds running away quickly, making Zhang Tao wonder if this person met Zhang Xun himself a few days ago? Who the hell are chasing them?
Soon the ghost figure behind their husband and wife appeared and saw a ghost with two tridents in his hand, killing Zhang Xun and his wife.
Zhang Tao naturally didn’t want to escape in the other direction with the ghost enemy, only to find that another breath appeared from his rear and surrounded himself and Zhang Xun and his wife, forming a form of encirclement, "bully the tiger?" The bully tiger and the ghost root are not the same camp, but they naturally know each other because of their strength and fierce name. They will not kill each other easily. They will kill strangers and earn points, and then return to the Magic Tower in exchange for what they need to improve their strength.
"Ghost brother who is your goal? There are three people here, however. "Ba Hu didn’t notice Zhang Tao. He seems to be just prey.
Just after the tiger had finished speaking, he saw Zhang Tao instantly! That’s right. Although this is a congenital master and a strange face, it left a deep impression on him, Martial Master.
The ghostly sound of "three are me" is like interfering with the sound of wooden fish knocking. If you hear it for the first time, you may feel that the echo is floating, and there is a novel feeling of dialogue outside the mountain. However, if you listen to it much, it will make people feel noisy, just like looking at a wall painted with precious landscape paintings every day and night. If you look at it for the first time, you may feel that the charm of the painting is poor, but when you see it several times, you will get bored and feel sick.
This is the fact that the ghost sound is so true. The strength of the bully tiger should be a ghost. After all, he is a celestial honour person, but the ghost strength is not weak. The thorn tiger is not willing to easily provoke them into the night killing. The biggest purpose is to find the little ones and then gain points and increase the master’s battle. It is not beneficial except dangerous.
Of course, if several masters work together to kill a word, they can make a lot of money. In a one-on-one situation, everyone will tacitly choose peace with each other. Of course, Mo Lengfeng’s abnormal case is rare.
The bully tiger smiled. "Since the ghost brother has such a good mood, he won’t bother you naturally, but you should be very careful when you are a pair of three." This sentence is even a hint and warning, but the ghost root is dismissive and won’t put it in his heart. It seems to him that these three people are just lambs who can take their lives at any time
Although the bully tiger has not gone far away, he can’t see the figure. This is also a sign for ghosts. He won’t intervene in a kind of sincerity. "Brother Da is really sorry to have dragged you into trouble." Zhang Xun looked apologetic. Obviously, this was unexpected, and so was Mulan.
"Brother Da, why don’t you leave me as soon as possible to stop ghosts? After all, our husband and wife are two people. If the tiger doesn’t chase you, then you still have a chance." Zhang Xun’s words made Zhang Tao quite moved. I didn’t expect that a person who met by chance would give up his chance of escape to himself? Just feeling guilty?
Maybe they entered the magic tower because they had to, right? "Brother Zhang is not as good as the three of us, so there is a greater chance of unity, isn’t there?" Zhang Tao said.
Zhangxun shook his head with a wry smile. "Brother Da, you don’t know that ghosts are terrible. Even if we join hands to live, the chance will not exceed 20%. Brother Da, while our husband and wife will intercept the instant, you can run for your life quickly. If we meet again in the future, we will surely drink three cups."
With that, Zhang Xun turned to face the ghost Mulan and her husband and wife for many years. They stood side by side and intended to be calm against the enemy, but for a moment they exclaimed that Zhang Tao had rushed out from the gap between them.
"Brother Da!" ? Zhang Xun is not white. He has to choose to die? Zhang Tao regardless of ZhangXun couple like to think about the left hand # # # ice flame, a strange white flame is as cold as hot and strange as a sky blue gem in the right hand, which directly makes the aura of heaven and earth and the cold of the two worlds. Zhang Taogen didn’t want to give ghosts the slightest possibility of resistance.
"Two kinds of cold heaven and earth? The man really bad "bully tiger feel this strange power in the distance in the heart secretly surprised although they don’t have the strength to deal with Zhang Tao, but the other side also has a card didn’t take it out.
The first time I faced Zhang Tao’s ghost roots, I was buried in the extreme power of heaven and earth, directly floating ice sculptures, and then melted by fire and cold frost, even if my soul was gone.
"Brother Da, you!" Zhang Xun and Mulan are already dumbfounded. Can this pound kill ghosts?
The hair returned to black. "Hehe, the other party is too careless and underestimates." Zhang Tao said while taking out the ghost body token. Although his body has disappeared, the token is still intact.
"Ha-ha, you are really bad, but you didn’t recklessly fight with me, otherwise it’s still unknown." The words of the bully tiger made the Zhangxun couple even more shocked. It turned out that Zhang Tao had already played against the bully tiger. It seems that there are a lot of hidden masters in the Magic Tower.
"Ba Hu, what are you going to do?" Zhang Tao to bully the tiger is quite afraid of this person’s strength is not weak.

"White brother, I have to say you. You said that we are all seven feet tall. If you can’t say that you like it, go after me and tell you a good news. Xiao Mei’s little girl is interesting to you. If you don’t take the initiative, you can’t blame me for not waking you up. She is very tight in our company …" Ouyang Cheng smiled and said to Zhong Wu, thinking that you wouldn’t have the motivation if you didn’t give you a sense of urgency.

"You say they are all true brothers?" Bai Zhongwu heard Ouyang Cheng say Xiao Mei also likes him. He was both excited and nervous and asked.
"Hey, hey, that’s why I lied to you. To tell you the truth, that little girl just asked about you this morning. You have to grasp the man’s hand!" OuYangCheng see yourself this silly big jiu finally said hey hey a smile and said
"Well, thanks brother, I get it!" After listening to Ouyang Cheng’s words, Bai Zhongwu thought for a while and nodded heavily, saying that he finally understood that he was tempted by a woman and couldn’t give up easily. Besides, he is not young, so he should find a place to save his mother from giving himself political lessons every three days.
Just as Ouyang Cheng and Bai Zhongwu were talking, Xiao Mei came in with two cups of Tieguanyin. Ouyang Cheng looked at it and complained, "I said Xiao Mei, are you a little girl trying to kick me out?"
"What’s the matter with cheng elder brother? Is there anything wrong? " Xiao Mei put the tea and wondered if she had done anything wrong.
"Three people how do you make two cups of tea? This is not what I am doing … "Ouyang Cheng smiled and met Xiao Mei’s puzzled eyes and replied.
"It’s not just you and Bai Ge. I … I don’t want it …" Xiao Mei explained quickly.
"Ha ha Bai Ge came to our company today to find you, not to find me. Come on, sit and chat with Bai Ge. I’ll go out and inspect a …" Ouyang Cheng said with a laugh and then got up and left.
"Oh, brother, what are you doing? You … you … don’t go …" Bai Zhongwu immediately got excited and stopped. If he left himself here alone, he was really a little at a loss.
"Hey, what’s the matter? Just now, how did you assure me the yes? That’s about to get hard! Don’t be soft and don’t pull a few! " Ouyang Cheng took a white look at Bai Zhongwu and hinted that you two are flirting with each other and you don’t want to be a light bulb here.
After listening to Ouyang Cheng’s words, Ouyang Cheng’s encouraging eyes Bai Zhongwu bit his teeth and said nothing more. What’s the big deal? I don’t believe it. Isn’t it harder than killing people? I didn’t even blink when I hacked people!
"Ha ha, that’s right …" Ouyang Cheng nodded approvingly and looked at Bai Zhongwu, then turned around and looked at Xiao Mei, who was shy and low-headed. "Xiao Mei, you little girl, listen to me, Bai Ge, but our guest is here for you today. Please stay with me or I won’t deduct your bonus when I look back!"
Ouyang Cheng finished teasing and looked at it at a loss. Bai Zhongwu and Xiao Mei smiled and then walked straight out of the office. Finally, they didn’t forget to leave the office door to the big office for two people to cultivate their feelings … (Brothers sogeum apologized and something delayed two days ago. This is the first chapter three every day tonight. There are two more chapters 39. two dog was arrested!
Ouyang Cheng shook his head with a wry smile after he left the office. I didn’t expect him to be a matchmaker for others, but what can I do? That’s my big uncle. If I don’t get his business done, I don’t know how hard I have to go back. My mother-in-law is not so easy to deal with! Ouyang Cheng went upstairs while thinking about it. He had to arrange for someone to investigate a little turtle who didn’t know how little he was. Since he met Brother Gan, he has learned that he must not be soft when making moves. If you don’t solve him first, he will bite you sooner or later. This is a villain, also known as a dog!
"You … how did you find here?" Xiao mei saw the office door was low head and small hands holding his skirts and humiliating little asked.
"Ha ha, I … I heard that you were here last night, so I just wanted to see and worry about what you’ve been wronged …" Bai Zhongwu pulled out his trademark and scratched his head with a simple and honest smile and said.
"Then … then sit down quickly. What are you doing?" Listening to the words of Bai Zhongwu’s heart, Xiao Mei’s heart is warm and I don’t know what to say. Looking at the stupid office of two people, I quickly said
"Oh … why are you doing this to me? There is no stranger. You also sit … hehe …" Bai Zhongwu remembered Ouyang Cheng’s reaction to talking to him just now, and said that he sat down first.
"Ha ha Bai Ge, thank you for last night. If it weren’t for you, maybe I was really cheated by that bastard …" See Bai Zhongwu sitting Xiao Mei also smiled and thanked him after sitting.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ __
"It’s a thing of the past, why should it be? That’s all I should do. I, a big man, can’t watch you being bullied by a weak girl!" Bai Zhongwu replied that he seems to take everything for granted, even if it is not Xiao Mei, he will draw out his sword to help.
"Yes … by the way, Bai Ge, when will you go back to Changcheng?" Xiao Mei listened to Bai Zhongwu’s words and asked shyly. She just stole a glance at Bai Zhongwu and found that he was really like Ouyang Cheng, that is, he saw injustice all the way and helped the heroes.
"I … I have to stay for a while. Anyway, it’s okay to go back. I haven’t seen enough of the beautiful scenery in the harbor …" Bai Zhongwu said, looking at Xiao Mei affectionately. Where is the beautiful scenery? To be exact, it should be more beautiful. He came to plan to return to Changcheng these days. After all, it’s a few days since he came out himself. Mom will really worry if he doesn’t go back, but now he is willing to go when he meets Xiao Mei!
"Hey, hey, that’s good. I’ll return your horse and leave soon. I’ll treat you to dinner later, Bai Ge. Thank you for your help last night!" Xiao mei a listen to Bai Zhongwu don’t rush back immediately said with a smile.
"Yes, I will definitely go then!" After hearing Xiao Mei’s words, Bai Zhongwu was excited and replied that he was anxious to have more contact with Xiao Mei, and he was worried that there was no reason. This was just right.
"Ha ha, I want you not to think that my cooking tastes terrible …" Xiao Mei smiled shyly and said that she originally wanted to invite Bai Zhongwu to dinner at home.
"Can you cook Xiao Mei? ! Oh, it’s much better than my sister. She’s about your age, but I haven’t seen her cook … "Bai Zhongwu listened to Xiao Mei and immediately got excited and praised her. At the same time, she also severely demoted her sister. Fortunately, Ouyang Cheng didn’t play. Otherwise, it is estimated that Ouyang Cheng will be so angry that it will despise Ouyang Cheng’s eyes!
"Hey, hey, it’s not good for me to cook, but my brothers and sisters are poor at home. I’m the elder sister who helped my parents cook early …" Bai Zhongwu praised Xiao Mei and said with a shy smile, and then seemed to think of the bitter days before, and looked a little sad.
"Oh, well, well, now it’s good. You see, it’s a big assistant day in your company, and it’s bound to get better. Besides, if it’s me, I’ll protect you!" Bai Zhongwu also don’t know how to comfort Xiao Meineng generous way said.
"Well, I’m fine, Bai Ge. Fortunately, I met a dry elder brother and a good man like you. I will work hard …" Xiao Mei nodded and shook his fist to cheer himself up.
The two of them had a hot chat in Ouyang Cheng’s office. Ouyang Cheng didn’t idle to arrange a phone call to clean up the little turtle, and then went to various departments to personally inspect it. After this phone call, I looked at my wrist watch and thought that it was almost twelve o’clock. I thought that the two of them had talked about it, so I quickly went upstairs and asked them to eat. If I was hungry, my big uncle Bai Zhongling would not spare myself.
"Ha ha Bai Ge, xiao mei chat? Are you okay? " Ouyang Cheng came to the door of the office for fear of rushing in and bumping into something he shouldn’t have seen. He was also very polite and knocked on the door. Then he knocked on the door and went in to smile and looked at the smiling Bai Zhongwu and Xiao Mei and asked.
"If you don’t answer me, I can see that you two are smiling like flowers, and you can’t be too busy with love affairs. Let’s go to dinner and I’ll treat you today …" Ouyang Cheng took a look at Bai Zhongwu and Xiao Mei, both of whom hung their heads and didn’t talk, so he took the initiative to say that finish and went out to eat with Bai Zhongwu and Xiao Mei.
At this time, Tongda Company has arrived for lunch, and Sun Mei and Zhao Lan are talking and laughing, and they are going outside the company to go to the car. I didn’t expect Zhao Lan’s little bitch to be excited and volunteered. "Hey, hey, Mei Jie, I’ll take you to the car today …"

"In a short time, I bought it when I went to do morning exercises. You will go to sleep again. It is not good for the skin for a woman to get up so early …" Brother Gan comforted with a smile.

"No, you are my man now. I have to wait on you!" The little witch replied with a pouting stubbornness
"Ha ha, you silly girl, why are you so stubborn? Do as you say, you are still my woman. I have to wait on you, be obedient and lie here and sleep! Sleep until you wake up naturally and eat or I’ll spank you! " Dry elder brother said yin smiled and touched a little syren plump little ass in the bed.
"You big * *!" Being attacked by dry elder brother so suddenly, the little witch was covered tightly and was blushed and scolded.
"Ha ha! Big * * is big * * Bai. Anyway, it’s nice to be big than small. Baby will sleep again … "Dry elder brother said that the little witch girl kissed her face and nodded her head with a red face.
Watching the elder brother go out with a big step, although his back is not tall or broad, it makes Ke Mengxuan feel so at ease. At this time, Ke Mengxuan is full of smiles and happy expressions. Now she feels that her decision is so English. If she misses such a good man, I am afraid she will regret a generation. Thinking about it and falling asleep with a smile. Chapter 13 Best friend.
Brother Gan went upstairs and bought two breakfasts when he came back from exercise. When he came home to the bedroom, he saw that the little witch was smiling and sleeping. He smiled and didn’t have the heart to wake her up. Then he put the little witch’s share in the microwave oven to keep warm, and then thought that he had to accompany Sun Mei and Xiaoqiang tonight. He left a note for the little witch to tell her that it might be a little late for her to come back today, so she didn’t have to wait for him to go out and buy some food, pressed the note on the table and gently knocked on the door and went out.
When I started the car downstairs, I drove to Sun Mei’s house. I just walked halfway. My cell phone rang in my pocket. I took out my cell phone in one hand and saw that it was Sun Mei calling. I thought this little bitch was quite anxious. I couldn’t wait for this moment, so I answered the phone and said with a smile, "What’s the matter, Mei Jie thinks so? I can’t wait for this moment?"
"Ha ha virtue! Who can’t wait for Xiaoqiang to keep saying why Uncle Superman hasn’t come yet? Why doesn’t Uncle Superman come soon? I’ll call you! " Sun Mei criticise way
"Hey, Xiaoqiang thinks, don’t you want me to be good at Mei Jie?" Dry elder brother yin asked with a smile
"Think about it! Look at you! " Sun Mei was tied up by him and could not answer with a smile.
"Ha ha, that’s more like it. I’m driving. I’ll arrive at her in ten minutes …" Brother Gan said with a smile.
"Then I won’t tell you more. You have a good car, Xiao Gan. By the way, I’ve made breakfast. Come and eat quickly …" Sun Mei told me when he heard that Brother Gan was driving.
"Ha ha, Mei Jie, you and Xiaoqiang should eat first. I have already eaten before me …" Brother Gan replied with a smile and then hung up after talking to Sun Mei again.
"Mom, how can I eat? Didn’t you say you had to wait for Uncle Superman to come and eat together? " When Sun Mei asked Xiaoqiang to have dinner, Xiaoqiang stared at him with big eyes and asked.
"Ha ha, your uncle Superman finished eating, so let’s eat Xiaoqiang first …" Sun Meixiao said, and then he and Xiaoqiang came to the table to have breakfast together.
Before they finished eating, I remembered the brake sound outside. Brother Gan parked the car and smiled and came to the front of the villa. Before Brother Gan knocked on the door, Sun Mei quickly knocked on the door. Then he took a look at Brother Gan with a smile on his face. Brother Gan also wanted to tease Sun Mei. When he saw Xiaoqiang and the nanny inside, he quickly put away his color and entered the door. Xiaoqiang ran over to his arms before he finished eating. Brother Gan picked Xiaoqiang up and turned several times. He smiled and looked at Brother Gan happily for a while and asked, "Uncle Superman, I miss you so much. Why didn’t you come to see it for such a long time
"Ha ha, uncle is not busy. Besides, uncle is here. Uncle is not leaving today. Will you accompany Xiaoqiang?" Dry elder brother took out his coaxed child collar said with a smile
"good!" Xiaoqiang said happily clapping his hands when he heard the words of Brother Gan, and then ran to Sun Mei’s arms to show off, "Mom, mom, did you hear that? Uncle Superman said that he would stay with me today …" Sun Mei looked at Brother Gan with Xiaoqiang like a dissatisfied housewife, and at this time, Brother Gan’s eyes were also guilty.
Where can I not know that Sun Mei taught her to think about herself? A woman can’t be so straightforward, so Xiaoqiang called her brother to do it on an excuse. I really feel very sorry. The two women, especially Sun Mei, can’t give anyone any birthright, but they have to pay so much. Ah, they are just two women. They are all busy with themselves. I don’t know how those three wives and four concubines in ancient times suffered! Thought of here dry elder brother nai shook his head.
Dry elder brother took Xiaoqiang from Sun Mei’s arms and asked, "Has Xiaoqiang been obedient recently? Did you make mom angry? "
"No Xiaoqiang is obedient. Xiaoqiang won’t make his mother angry, Uncle Superman …" Xiaoqiang naively replied.
"Ha ha, you little rabbit told you to call your uncle King Kong gourd doll. Why are you called Superman again? Is your ass itchy?" Brother Gan patted Xiaoqiang’s ass and then picked up the little guy.
"Ha ha … hey hey, I was wrong, uncle …" Xiaoqiang was groaning and panting, and begged for mercy with a smile.
"Ha ha, you little guy, that’s more like it!" Brother Gan said and held Xiaoqiang in his arms.
"Uncle Jingang Huluwa, will you and your mother take me to the playground today? I’m going to play a roller coaster … "Jack Bauer said in his arms.
"Ha ha good uncle will take Xiaoqiang to the playground today. Uncle will take you to play whatever you want …" Brother Gan promised with a smile and then let Xiaoqiang go. At this time, Sun Mei also came out from the bedroom and put on makeup and clothes. She smiled and looked at this dozen and a small one, and almost shed tears in her eyes. Xiaoqiang hasn’t been so entangled with a man for a long time since her husband died. She wanted to keep this man around forever, but she knew that this man was destined not to be alone.
"Mom, Mom, Uncle King Kong Huluwa promised to take me to the playground …" Sun Meizheng mused and Xiaoqiang shouted excitedly and jumped into her arms.
"Ha ha, good boy, will you start with your uncle?" Sun Mei asked lovingly.
"Well …" Xiaoqiang cleverly lit his head and then took his mother’s left hand and his dry elder brother’s right hand and happily walked outside. Dry elder brother and Sun Mei smiled at each other with their eyes full of friendship. They both knew.
Brother Gan hit the car door. Sun Mei sat in the co-pilot Xiaoqiang. When he was clever and sat in the back, Brother Gan started the car, he secretly touched Sun Mei’s small hand, which was knocked off by Sun Mei. Then he glanced at his son Xiaoqiang from the rearview mirror. He looked at Uncle King Kong Huluwa and his mother and asked, "Mom, Uncle fine steel Huluwa held your hand. Why don’t you let him hold it and hit him back? Our teacher said that children holding hands are good friends …"
After listening to this little guy’s words, Brother Gan almost burst into laughter. I thought that your little tube was so small that you knew how to help me eat your mother’s tofu. Sun Mei blushed there and didn’t know how to answer his own questions or Brother Gan took the opportunity to take Sun Mei’s little hand and said to Xiaoqiang, "Who said that my mother wouldn’t let my uncle hold hands? My mother and I were the best’ good friends’ to die!" At Sun Mei dry elder brother said * *.
Sun Mei knew that this little * * wanted to do something dirty again, but the elder brother smiled and said to Xiaoqiang, "Ha ha, my mother was just joking with my uncle … Chapter 133 Xiaoqiang’s request.

"Before, I always thought that this dress was very suitable for me. I could wear it for a long time, but now it seems that everything is mine. This dress doesn’t seem to be suitable for me anymore. Maybe throwing it away can keep him warm for those in need." Feng Yang smiled gently, but there was always something bitter in that smile.

"Then which one suits you better?" At that moment, Xi Yu turned around and looked at Feng Yang’s tall figure, but he pulled back abnormally and said "Maybe".
"Don’t say" Feng Yang suddenly interrupted Xi Yu’s words, but he didn’t turn his back on Xi Yu. His voice was faint. "There is no room for turning back if you don’t talk about some words."
"I’m white." Xi Yu nodded somberly, and then he returned to his usual calm and indifferently followed the wind and went out.
Everything seems to have never happened. Two people who could have been very close are always like tireless migratory birds keeping a distance from others. Maybe it will make people cry when they think about it in the dead of night.
"Tonight, I invite all the girls in Yichun Hospital to play casually and count me in," said Feng Yangda.
A n experienced person of Renyi Mercenary Group couldn’t help cheering and yelling. The headhunter with a silver face was really a man with a cracked head. It was a kindred spirit. Before Renyi Mercenary Group joined Juxian, it was a small mercenary group in Zheng Ancheng. Those profits were at best just enough to maintain daily sales. Even buying the cultivation stuff was a luxury. Where is the spare money? Yichun Institute, a luxury of senior brothels, was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
"Wow, Brother Sayan, what happened to you today? Did you take the wrong medicine? How can you say such a rude thing? I really admire you." Wu Hua said excitedly.
Rowling couldn’t resist imagining that the girls’ glistening bodies and mouths were flooded with saliva. He suddenly gave Feng Yang a bear hug. "Brother Yang, you are my second-born parents. You are so bright. I love you to death."
"Uh-huh" You Xueer and Yun Rou glared at Wu Hua and Rowling with a sullen look, and then two animals and horses uncharacteristically pointed to the wind and raised their noses and cursed, "You king egg, why are you so dirty? Who do you take your brothers for?"
Renyi mercenary group hurriedly stopped Wu Hua and Rowling from shouting, "Dear boss, please don’t treat us like human beings. If we go on like this, we will be really not human beings."
"Anyone can go, you are not allowed to go." Youxueer and Yunrou mercilessly stared at Wu Hua and Rowling, making the two big men’s eyes slightly moist for a moment.
Liu Man looked at Hua Tiandao. "You won’t go, will you?"
"I’m not going?" Alex doesn’t seem to be aware of LiuMan’s eyes, and the corners of his mouth are drawn with a smile.
"Hum" LiuMan snorted. Don’t sulk too much. I hate the wind and gnash my teeth in my heart. I can’t wait to go to the water element to gently touch his chrysanthemum. I thought this guy was too bad to tease everyone like this.
However, the wind is sad now. As soon as his sentence was exported, it was met with three sharp things from different directions, such as blade eyes, resentment, anger and strangeness.
"What, do you doubt my decision?" The wind Yang gherardini asked.
"Never doubted it". Wu Hua and Rowling were the first to express their sincerity and loyalty. People have to sigh that Juxian’s top leaders are freaks, and the idea of fighting tires is unreasonable to calculate.
Hand-written novels
Chapter four hundred and seventy Brothel auction
Welcome you to come.
That night, in the dark night, a figure flashed, and the speed of this figure was like a flash in the dark night. It was like a breeze blowing over and setting off a dust, and everything was calm and there was no trace of it.
This figure rapidly falls into a building in Xunmeng Street, which is impressively Yichun Courtyard, a prosperous and luxurious brothel in Xunmeng Street.
This man is wearing a purple gown, although it is not black, but he is dressed in a purple gown in the dark night. He seems to be integrated into the dark night, and you can’t see it if you look closely. Moreover, this man’s breath is extremely hidden. Even if someone sees it, he will have the illusion that there is no one in front of him.
The purple shirt is holding a girl in a coma in her hand. The girl is obviously in a coma with her head drooping and her body veiled with graceful curves and perfect proportions. If there is any hazy temptation, the girl is charming and belongs to those hands. The veils are transparent and white, and the slender arms are exposed. The glittering and translucent flaring can break the skin. There are flaws in the veils. The length, size and proportion of the arms and the full moon in the water are almost perfect. Even in a coma, you can feel that she exudes a kind of natural and smart nature.
Purple unlined upper garment people took the girl in a coma and entered Yichun Hospital, as if they were familiar with Yi Chunlou, as if they were at home, and found the room where Tiger Head helped the boss Tiger Force.
At this time, Huli is passionate with a girl in the first room. This is the rule of Yichun Building. All girls who come to Yichun Institute to work must let Hutou help people try their kung fu level. When they meet good goods, Huli will personally fight.
"Tiger Force Wang is really in a good mood," said the purple shirt man indifferently.
"Who are you?" Hearing the noise, I was alert, and my heart was good. Hu Li quickly pushed the girl with her penis on her surface. As if nothing had happened, she got up and stared at the purple man who suddenly appeared in the room, but her heart was already full of waves.
He didn’t feel the slightest breath. I don’t know when this purple shirt man came in. I can’t help but think about it. If this man comes to assassinate himself, I’m afraid that the next day Zheng Ancheng will have a rumor that’ Tiger Head helps Wang Huli Peony to be a ghost and romantic’.
The purple shirt man ignored Tiger Force’s doubts and simply said, "I heard that Yi Chunlou will hold a special auction tonight."
"Yes" Tiger Force nods
"Smart," said the purple shirt man admiringly.
Feng Yang and Wu Hua and others walked into Yichun Hospital, and Feng Yang still maintained the identity of a silver-faced headhunter. Now, if he is not low-key, he can be as high-profile as possible.
Xunmeng Street in Yichun Academy is an old-fashioned brothel, and it is also a dream street. Luxury girls are rich in goods and good at making money. Naturally, it is also a time when people will compete for territory for many days. Hu Li, the boss of Yichun Academy, that is, the tiger head gang Wang, has already made arrangements for one thing. He asked his brothers to spend high prices on brothels around the world to lure around the flower heads to make a special auction successful tonight.
These decepticons vigorously announced the auction, which made all the major forces and consortia in Zheng Ancheng know that Yichun Institute had a group of girls with excellent looks and kung fu, many of whom were immersed in debauchery and meat! The long-awaited animals have long been curious and excited, and they came to Yichun courtyard early this evening with a lot of money, so that Yichun courtyard gate will soon be packed, and many packages will be settled by major bosses and power gangs.
If you have money to have fun, but you don’t have money, you can also join in the fun and have an eye addiction.
It’s a great honor to learn that Juxian, the big boss of Mengmeng Street, and his party came to the Tiger Head Gang in Yichun Courtyard, and they are a little uneasy for fear of not entertaining these uncles well. After all, Mengmeng Street is already Juxian’s territory. If you neglect the business, the trouble will naturally continue.
Tiger Head helps the boss Tiger Force to personally come over to entertain Feng Yang and others. Tiger Force is one size bigger than Wu Hua’s size, but in front of a group of young people who are younger and thinner than him, the boss has to put down his posture and kowtow to Juxian. A group of people have some condescension in their hearts, and they want to get together. How are the sages not stained with the world of mortals? It turns out that they are all fellow travelers. The so-called heroes are sad and beautiful, but after all, men are always in need.
At this time, Juxian’s name has been very loud. Just the other day, the meeting of Wang Suojun was abolished, which was enough to give the tiger head a great deterrent to help this medium-sized gang.
"Dear boss, you condescend to come to Yichun Hospital. If you have any bad hospitality, I hope you will forgive me a lot." Tiger Force said politely.
"Don’t worry, today is to bring my brothers to see" Feng Yang said.
Facing the silver headhunter, he felt incomparable pressure. Looking around the field, half of the dozen people were girls. He also quickly made an abacus to the brothel. It is cost-effective for these men to leave a good impression on Juxian even if they are entertained.

"You … so cruel that she wouldn’t want to completely fall into sexy devil? At that time, I am afraid that Tiannan will suffer! "

Get the affirmation of demons Ye Han finally Ann Nai can’t help but be frightened. If the demons say that slight cold will eventually fall into sexy devil dialect, then she must adopt yang spirit all day to alleviate the pain of desire and fire? Now, that day, isn’t the man going to be his goal and her tool for collecting yang?
Alas, poor Xiao Han has just come out of the extreme cold and is going to suffer such a blow. How can she live after that?
"You can rest assured that this will devour you, then I can be his antidote, and then she will be with me every day. Besides, such a beautiful girl, I don’t want her to be a woman. She can be me!"
The demons obviously know that Bai Yehan is worried, but he doesn’t. Since Xiao Han needs a man to comfort him every day, why don’t you just act as his man?
If a man can be her antidote, why can’t being a man be her permanent antidote? At that time, I can enjoy the taste of beauty every day, and this slight cold can get what I want, relieve the pain, and get what I want.
"Are you really so confident that you can control him? Don’t worry that he will also suck up your yang and let you die? "
I heard the demon saying that Ye Han andao was right, but I was not willing to let Xiao Han sacrifice. He had to make a final effort to scare the demon and give Xiao Han a chance [86] [control the demon]
"Ha ha ha Ye Han, Ye Han, you can’t change my bad habit after all. Don’t forget me, but even that girl is just a chess game in my hand. How can she suck up my yang?"
Ye Han tried his best to look for opportunities with slight chills, but he didn’t want to be ungrateful. Instead, he couldn’t help but give him a white look. His eyes were full of banter. Obviously, this Ye Han idiot can’t even think about this. Perhaps the deeper meaning is that this Ye Han can’t even protect his own woman.
After listening to the demons, Ye Han suddenly realized that this guy is right. Although this slight cold is going to become sexy devil, it is made by demons themselves after all. In the end, demons are also the main things that his Lord eats itself. She may still do it by law.
Besides, even if she has a desire to kill the Lord, she hasn’t cultivated her height. Let’s not say that even if she wants it, it can’t be better than the demon. If the demon intentionally doesn’t help her resolve her desire, she may have to accept it and die.
The disparity in strength and weak pressure is by no means unique, but it is also rare. He does not believe that this slight cold can suppress his own master against the guest and thus bite him back.
"Cold brother, come quickly!"
Just then the slight cold gentle and lovely sound came up and immediately dispelled Ye Han’s worries, which made him fascinated by the sound.
This slight cold is not the kui is a kind of lust magic. This sound is a little more gentle and lovely than before. If it were not for the qualitative and full-fledged human-based restraint, she would really have sexy devil’s shadow. If it were to this world, it would definitely fascinate thousands of men.
Moreover, she is still a person who has such a great charm before she has completely aroused her physical desires. If she has completely aroused her physical desires, what’s more? I’m afraid even I can stand her temptation?
"Well, I won’t talk nonsense with you. Anyway, it’s a dying man. You can die, but she can’t die. She’s my woman. If she dies like this, it’s a big loss for me!"
Similarly, after listening to the slight chill and charming songs, the demons failed to endure the busy Ye Han’s words and left him alone and walked towards the stunning beauty who was lying down.
"You stop touching her! She’s me!"
See demons step by step to slight chill Ye Han heart suddenly anxious but nai himself was out of control here want to rush to stop but have the heart to dry there shout loudly.
"You’d better enjoy this last beautiful scene. It won’t be long before you disappear completely from this world. At that time, you won’t worry about this girl any more. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her for you!"
I heard Ye Han’s demons, but when I looked back at him, I spit out a joke at him, and then I continued to walk towards the slight cold, ignoring Ye Han, even though Ye Han still roared and he didn’t hear anything.
"Cold brother, hold me tight! Hold me tight!"
Demon body Ye Hangang came to the slight cold near and listened to the slight cold mouth, giving off bursts of flattery. Suddenly, there was a lot of exultation in my heart and I couldn’t consider it. I deceived myself and looked at her beautiful hands near the squatting slight cold side for a while, and I couldn’t help slowly reaching out and holding the proudly standing place on her chest.
"Well …"
The chest was held proudly and the slight cold consciousness groaned. Holding that hand by yourself was already loose and enjoying the "Ye Han" with both hands. The charming songs in the mouth were constantly enjoyed by the soul.
Holding a slight chill in both hands and kneading her breasts, the demon’s face is full of pride. In a short time, it seems that her hands have been satisfied from the slight chill chest and she has slowly loosened up, but she still has not left her body, but slowly slipped down her lower abdomen and …
Seems to be aware of the demons slight cold not only didn’t resist, but stretched out his hand and hugged his arm and dragged the evil hand straight to make it fall into his abdomen …
With the help of a slight chill, the demons were satisfied. The place where the slight chill was put in the lower abdomen actually slipped on her legs as if to sink the whole hand. After all, it was a little slow and was caught by the thighs on both sides of the points.
I feel a foreign body invading my legs, and my slight cold consciousness tightens. My legs immediately clamp the evil hands of demons so that I can’t continue to jump. However, my charming body is constantly wriggling. Obviously, I can’t stand the stimulation and want to vent it as soon as possible. Her mouth is also softly moaning, and the sound is very small. I can’t hear what she is saying.
"Let her go! Did I tell you to let her go? "
Seeing this scene, Ye Han was already furious, but for the posture of moving, he must have rushed over to take the demon away from Xiao Han and then do a life-and-death duel.
"oh? Want me to let her go? I wonder if you can give me a reason? I think this should be your personal wish? See, she didn’t want me to be funny? "
Hear Ye Han rage demons seem to be finally stirred busy withdraw his hand and then blunt Ye Han smiled and looked at the already lost half a minute sober slight cold shook his head and said
"You’re looking for death and cold jade flute. Go over there and kill this guy!"
Hearing this, Ye Han was even more furious at once, and whether he could move or not, he called out the jade flute with body inflammation to attack demons.
After all, even Ye Han has to rely on Ye Han’s vitality to drive it, but this time it has made some amazing moves. Seeing that he listened to Ye Han’s words, he has independently given birth to a astral energy, which in a short time condensed the jade flute, and suddenly turned to whew and broke away from the shackles of the jade flute.

Lin Yu eyes cold light flashing "want to kill us? You may not be able to do it! "

Lin Yu and Magic Seven Little Red Leaf City are in full swing, but a team that is heading for Red Leaf City is particularly depressed. This team is composed of 20,000 demon warriors led by Qingyou.
Green you originally planned to get to Hongye City, and when you were halfway there, you were stopped by a black-winged magic weapon and his magic weapon army.
You know this black-winged monster. It is the underground magic city and Feather Yang that spell earth-shattering black dazzle.
"Go back to the demon race at once, or else …" Black dazzle was so rare that it looked like a woman, but the hoarse voice was heard with goose bumps all over you.
Looking at the monster that is nearly five times as big as his own army, he kept beating his head and crustily skin of head and shouted "Withdraw!"
When Yuan Wei, the high priest, knew that Qing You came back, he was so angry that he almost didn’t slap Qing You to death. "Waste! Nothing! "
You are scolded by Yuan Wei, and you dare not say anything. Let Yuan Wei have a cow.
"get out!" Yuan Wei yelled at Qing You, but she was so embarrassed that she quit the priest’s temple after a "Yes".
Yuan Wei’s eyes glistened with gold. "I can’t imagine that I still can’t calculate you … but let your son and the inferno kill each other, and you and that guy won’t get any benefits, hum!"
Yuan Wei wanted the demon race to disrupt the fighting between the two sides under the banner of supporting Lin Yu so that the inferno and the Terran demon race had another attempt to make the three races completely hostile.
But her plan was seen through by the sky before.
There’s no way Yuan Wei can just wait for the news of coming back from Hongye City.
Boom-a strong purple light beam fell from the sky like a scourge and fell directly to the wall of Hongye City.
The purple light beam is full of power and falls instantly, which immediately collapses more than half of the rubble and purple vitality everywhere!
It took a second or two for the virtual shadow of the ten demons, which was stirred by this purple light beam, to reunite and set shape as if it were blown by the wind.
This purple light beam is Yuan Lan’s quiet voice towards Ouyang Xiu, which is aimed at making the ten demons’ virtual shadow members distorted for a second or two by the interference of the attack array.
"Go!" Take this opportunity to Yuan Lan a big teleport with Lin Yu, Ziqingyun, Yan Ruoning and feathermoon to move back to the flat outside the city wall.
But as soon as they got back to the ground, the top ten demons were also surrounded by virtual shadows.
"Haha, it is impossible for you to get rid of us!" Yushan demon laughed wildly. Looking at Lin Yu, their eyes were like cats looking at mice.
Lin Yu sneered, "We want to change to a bigger place so as not to hurt our people."
"What a big breath!" Tong monty said savagely, "Although our two places at once are only nine times as powerful as reincarnation, one reincarnation is enough for you to suffer. There are ten of us!"
No way. Monty said this. Everyone knows the normal situation. Lin Yu, they are dead.
Seeing this scene through a crystal ball, all the families shook their heads naively and felt sorry for Lin Yu. At the same time, they also secretly thanked themselves for not sending real elites to Hongye City.
Of course, the most painful thing is to be angry with everyone.
Whether it’s inflammation or coagulation, or the 10,000-strong red armor guards, it’s their family’s way of suffering.
At the same time, he is betting on this battlefield and Cang Yi of Cangyu College, but he denies Lin Yu and they will be finished.
"People who can be recognized by my ancestor Cang Tianlong will not die so easily." Through the crystal screen, Cang Yi stared at Lin Yu and looked forward to Lin Yu’s performance.
"What about ten? How much we kill! " They heard Lin Yu binge drinking his body suddenly and feathermoon, inflammation if coagulation at the same time sends out a strong flame light three personal light immediately connected.
The three of them got the call from the artifact Yan Star in the battlefield. Lin Yu will start the call mark in his mind, and if it is inflamed, he will feel it naturally.
Roots don’t communicate with each other. If Lin Yu moves, they will understand this situation. If they don’t make the artifact call wait longer?
The three of them summoned the mark to start, and the temperature around it suddenly rose. The ground of Hongye City was instantly turned into a sea of fire by a fire, lang.
And the whole Hongye City instantly turned into a large flame filled the sky!
"Artifact Wei!" All the people who paid attention to the battle turned green, but their faces turned scarlet because of the fire.
Only an artifact can cause such a powerful power!
But what puzzles everyone is that Lin Yu, feathermoon and Yan Ruoning are the strongest of the three, and one of them is no more than nine yuan. Even if one of them has an artifact, they will start a real artifact!
These are their illusions. When a meteor broke away from the flame and flew out with several meteor showers, it madly hit the ground around Lin Yu.
"Damn it, it’s an artifact!" The ten demons tried to escape, but how could they escape if they were angry with the artifact?
"Boom boom …"
Several fireball smashed these ten demons’ virtual shadows and instantly ignited these virtual shadows to make a burning sound.
"Ah …" The top ten demons’ virtual shadows are busy at the same time, but in the blink of an eye, the top ten demons’ virtual shadows are all gone.
At the same time, I was sitting next to the big devil, and the ten demons sprayed out with blood at the same time, showing a morbid red face.
Artifact flame not only burned down the ten demons’ virtual shadows, but also their real bodies were affected by the wave, which directly reduced their strength to the realm of heaven and man!
"Damn it, it turned out to be an artifact!" The top ten demons exude extremely bitter eyes in their red eyes. Once their strength has been cut off, they are still in a state of heaven and earth, and everyone has to be dreary to death.
Heaven and man have a heavy strength, but I don’t know how many ten thousand years it will take, plus appropriate sentiment, to make a breakthrough, but it will take a second or two to let their strength fall off directly. This blow is not small.

"Don’t worry, he will be fine. I have already relieved him of his poison." Pei said with a flash of light in his warm eyes and patted Hongyu on the shoulder.

"really?" Red rain’s eyes showed surprise.
"Have I ever lied to you?" Pei Nuan picked his eyebrows.
Hongyu scratched her head and wanted to answer. The princess has lied to her several times. Er, but I think the princess will not lie to her about such a serious matter.
"Dare to ask where the princess is going now?" Lanlin wondered in his heart what happened between the Lord and the princess during the performance, and he became more and more puzzled.
Pei Wennuan smiled mysteriously, "The secret can’t be leaked."
Red rain and blue rain looked at each other and became more and more puzzled, but the princess refused to say that they were not much better. The old man seemed to be not interested in it and began to doze off.
"Exquisite … exquisite …" The nangongshan silver wind suddenly sat up from the bed.
"Elder brother, you’re awake." Pei Nuan hurried to stabilize the Nangong Silver Wind.
"There is something wrong with Xia Lian. She must have been controlled by evil spirits and Linglong was taken away by her!" The nangongshan silver wind looked a little pale. Seeing Pei Wennuan was like seeing a savior, holding her shoulder tightly.
"Elder brother, I already know Linglong won’t be in danger. I’ll save her. You can rest assured first." Pei warmly comforted.
"How can I rest assured that exquisite was seized by evil spirits and I don’t know what will happen! How can I explain to Hao Chen! " How to explain to yourself that the Nangong Yinfeng’s eyes are a little red and he wants to get up and save Yu Linglong. At this moment, his heart is extremely anxious and hates himself. Why didn’t he find the abnormality of thyme Xia Lian earlier and let Linglong and thyme Xia Lian coexist in the same room?
The nangongshan silver wind deeply felt remorse in my heart.
"Brother, calm down first. You have to believe that I will definitely save Linglong!" Pei warm hands caught the nangongshan silver wind as far as possible to appease his restless mood at this time.
The Nangong Silver Wind’s breathing was a little short because of fear. He was worried about Yu Linglong from the bottom of his heart. He could not imagine how he would feel if Yu Linglong was hurt a little. He would rather be taken away by evil spirits than see that it was Yu Linglong who was caught.
"She’s so simple, I’m afraid she’ll be afraid," said Nangong Yinfeng, with heavy eyes. She just pulled the quilt and almost tore it to pieces.
Pei warmed his heart and comforted him, "Brother, you have to believe that Linglong is not as fragile as you think." People always have to learn to grow up, be protected and can’t stand the wind and rain, and be held hostage by evil spirits. Jade Linglong may really be afraid, but going through some things will always make people grow up.
However, seeing the Nangong Silver Wind is so painful, she saw fear in his eyes and sighed in his heart. His brother just likes jade and exquisite, and he likes that kind of love more than anyone else, but he just doesn’t admit that it is bitter.
"Brother, you have to believe me!"
The Nangong Yinfeng raised his eyes and looked at Pei Nuan. At this time, the Nangong Yinfeng had stabilized his mood and nodded to each other. He believed that Pei Nuan could save Yu Linglong and that Yu Linglong would be strong enough to face what was happening now.
Come to Nangong Yinfeng from the bed and adjust your mood. "Didn’t you say that these three days are a weak period? What is this?"
Pei’s warm look flashed, and there was some remorse in his heart. If there was no such decision, Linglong might not have been taken away by evil spirits, but if there was no such way, the evil spirits would take the initiative to show up. Besides, an unexpected factor was that evil spirits actually occupied Baili Xialian.
"Well, Yunhua and I discussed an excuse to detoxify him and let the evil spirit appear. Now something unexpected happened, but the evil spirit appeared, but I didn’t expect it to occupy Xia Lian’s body." Pei Nuan explained.
The Nangong Yinfeng was silent. Perhaps since he woke up, he had guessed that Pei Wennuan’s purpose was to detoxify. The most important thing was to let an evil spirit appear in the dark.
Pei Wennuan asked him to send more people to protect her Nalanyun Huaan, and chaotic forces enveloped the whole East Palace, which was to make noise and make the evil spirits notice and take action.
However, they guessed that it was true that the evil spirits were secretly monitoring their every move, but no one thought that it was the evil spirits that would occupy thyme. Xia Lian’s body was always by their side, and no one noticed the difference.
The thought of evil spirits getting along so closely will make people feel a chill feeling coming towards them. It turns out that they have always been in a more dangerous situation than evil spirits, and they can die if they take a little precautions. He dare not imagine what terrible consequences will happen if they discover the true identity of evil spirits later.
"Now, if the evil spirits are strong, I’m afraid it will hurt Xialian. We can’t touch it for the time being," said Pei Wennuan, a little depressed.
"Then let the evil spirits do what they want?" I feel more angry at the thought that evil spirits have occupied thyme in such a despicable way.
"Evil spirits are seriously injured, and there will be no big move for the time being. I will think of some way to get rid of it as soon as possible during this period." Pei Wennuan’s eyes flashed with murder, leaving evil spirits in this world for one second will aggravate the disaster on this continent.
"Elder brother, you should have a good rest first. You can rest assured that Linglong will be fine." Pei Nuan patted the Nangong Yinfeng arm and patted it. Although she knew how to reduce the worries about Yu Linglong in the Nangong Yinfeng heart, Pei Nuan still hoped that the Nangong Yinfeng could believe her.
The nangongshan silver wind eyes than to dim a few minutes still nodded his head.
The old man who burned the silence had disappeared into the house at this time, and seemed to care about these things. Now he must have gone back to his room and slept and snored.
It’s a new day, but the atmosphere of the whole continent is so heavy, with a dead breath spreading and floating in the air, making people feel a little difficult to breathe.
Pei Wennuan didn’t sit alone on the eaves of the palace all night watching the eastern sun rise gradually.
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In the silent atmosphere, everything here is covered with a layer of darkness and humidity, and a cold breath comes to my face, which makes people feel gloomy and horrible, like being in a haunted house.
"You … are you serious! ?”
A female voice in the room sounded with joy, disbelief and surprise, but this shrill voice made people feel extremely uncomfortable and hurt their eardrums.
Mo Qing ring ghost mask eyes have hope and joy, looking at the dignified and mature handsome man in front of him.
At Mo Qinghuan, Nangong Lie sighed with a soft look and said apologetically, "I’ve figured it out. Now that the deceased has passed away, it’s no use remembering. I also know that you waited for me so many years ago. I’m sorry for you …"
"Don’t say that for so many years, I am willing to wait for you." Mo Qinghuan raised his finger and stopped Nangong Lie from continuing to talk. At this time, the tone became softer
"Qinghuan, if you like, we can go to seclusion together and never ask the secular again." Nangong Lie took the ink ring wrist strap with hope and said.
Mo Qinghuan’s ghost mask flashed with a smile and said, "I’m so glad that you can figure it out. I’ll order it and celebrate it today!" At Nangong Lie, Mo Qinghuan said, he went out from Nangong Lie’s house under house arrest and hurried to prepare for the celebration.
Nangong Lie watched Mo Qinghuan leave the back. Just now, the tenderness in his eyes suddenly disappeared. The silk cloth with strong disgust in his eyes wiped the hand that just shook Mo Qinghuan’s wrist.
How could he not know that Mo Qinghuan was deliberately avoiding his words? Although he didn’t know Mo Qinghuan very well, he knew that Mo Qinghuan’s ambition was not only to see these mouths saying that he wanted to be honest, but also to give up his huge potential.
Nangong Lie sat down on the side stool and reposed his thoughts constantly moving in his mind.
Mo Qinghuan is in a good mood at this time. She didn’t expect Nangong Lie to figure it out and promise her to be together. Mo Qinghuan’s eyes are shining with joy. When I get this day, we can enjoy the monotonous life of family and seclusion, but it will erase a person’s fighting spirit. Then you will know how important the huge potential is to a person. Mo Qinghuan secretly thinks about the ghost mask and pulls out a cold radian in his mouth.
"Jie Jie … didn’t you see that the ruthless killer would be carried away by emotional things?" Just then, a lazy voice fell into the ears of Mo Qinghuan.
"who!" Who on earth was the alarm bell in Mo Qing’s ring? She actually noticed that this happened so suddenly.
"Jie Jie … If I wanted to kill you, I just had a thousand chances" sounded again with contempt.
Ink clear ring feel black at the moment a figure appeared in front of her in the blink of an eye.
"It’s you!" Mo Qinghuan’s eyes are slightly narrowed. She has seen this woman who is close to Pei Wennuan. How can she appear here without attracting attention? The assassination alliance is closely guarded and its location is so secret. Supposedly, it will not be discovered by thyme Xia Lian. How did she enter?
"Jie Jie … don’t inquire after seeing the statue." Thyme Xia Lian walked slowly near Mo Qing Huan’s face and smiled. Sen Leng had a hint of seduction, and the atmosphere here was more harmonious.
"You … you are …" Mo Qinghuan stare big eyes and can’t believe that he can’t even find his own voice when he looks at the people in front of him.
"hmm? ~ ~ "The evil spirit made a parody from the throat, looking at Mo Qinghuan like watching a play and admiring her eyes with surprise.
"You are really an evil spirit? How can you become a hundred miles of summer lotus! " Ink clear ring shocked said in the heart still wondering it will appear here.
"Why don’t you believe it?" The evil spirit squinted, and a dark glow lingered around her for a long time. "You have to ask what Yu Zun wants to become."
"What do you want to do here?" Ink clear ring took a step back and began to be wary of staring at thyme Xia Lian touch kind of evil spirits.
"Want to feel it?" The evil spirit seems to be talking to himself, and there is a flash of cold light in his eyes. "Zun needs to practice you in recent days. This place is very suitable for me. I want you to give me ten women every day until I have a great ability to control this day. Naturally, you are indispensable to the benefits." The evil spirit made Mo Qinghuan feel very uncomfortable with a commanding tone, but she was afraid of the powerful breath emitted by the evil spirit.
"Ok, I’ll help you arrange it." Mo Qinghuan looked at the evil spirit and readily promised. Now she has no way out. The evil spirit appears on her site. If she resists, it will definitely make her die miserably. She has to do what it means for the time being.
"Someone will take this adult to the ghost cave and entertain him. I believe it will like the atmosphere there very much." Mo Qinghuan said that the words sound just fell and an assassination alliance attendant appeared. It was Mo Qinghuan who entered the underground deep together.